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Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/13/2009 4:38:29 PM Rippedstar's whiskers twitched as she just sat without saying another. "You know, it's not going to bother me you're outside your border because Deathclan doesn' have a territory." Looking at her a moment longer, "I thought you were too good to stands the sight of me," he mewed referring to her walking away earlier.
Runningbrook (Waterclan Deputy She-cat) posts on 7/13/2009 4:30:32 PM ''Hhmp'' *She sat down her tail slowly flicking back and fourth*
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/13/2009 3:54:26 PM Rippedstar ekpt his gaze on her as she began to circle her. He stuck his muzzle toward the sky, keeping himself from snickering at her. Controling himself, he re-met her raging blue eyes; it was like he was looking at Nightstar. "You have nothing I need, but you have nothing that I want," he kept his tone smooth and calm. "My chance? I had my chance the whole time I was talking to you, mousebrain. Besides, this is your chance," he paused. Rippedstar took a a few shallow breaths, looking at the moon that was beginning to reveal itself. The green eyed tom continued, "Wasn't it just you a few minutes ago thinking you had gotten me angery? Look at yourself," he narrowed his eyes, referring to her own self inflicted rage.

Runningbrook (Waterclan Deputy She-cat) posts on 7/13/2009 3:44:44 PM *She spat at the mouse and glared back up at him and walked towards him and got inches away from his face.* ''Is that all you got? Now come on you have to know your words mean nothing to me.'' *She circled around him, she didn't care if she crossed into Deathclan Territory.* ''Come on nows your chance to say something really hurtful. But you know what, i'm better than you. You might be bigger and stronger. But i have thinks you want.''
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/13/2009 3:37:25 PM Rippedstar instantly felt her claws and he rolled onto his back, knocking her off. He stood up back gracefully and with ease. "The mouse is for you, stupid furball," he mewed tossing the mouse at her feet. "I figured you'll need some strength before the real battle," it was words of mockery at the weakness of Waterclan. Rippedstar tilted his head, looking at her, "I don't want to fight you. You're not worth killing yet," he mewed, he hadn't even unsheathed his claws. Runningbrook on managed to knock him out of Waterclan's terrtiory though.
Runningbrook (Waterclan Deputy She-cat) posts on 7/13/2009 3:31:14 PM *She Turned around and began to run back to where she had left Rippedstar. She smashed through the underbrush and came upon him standing over a dead mouse. She bared her teeth and ran into his side, leaping onto his back and tried to get a good grip on his neck.*
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/13/2009 3:28:45 PM Rippedstar dug his claws into the dirt below him to keep himself from attacking. She was asking for a battle, but he would only fight if it was he who had asked for the battle. The massive tom flicked his tail, unbothered by her harsh words she called out behind her. "You'll be a poor leader," he spoke loud enough just so she could hear him. Rippedstar narrowed his eyes and scented the air; a mouse. He stalked toward it and leaped full force, landing square on it. The mouse dangled from his paws squealing and crying. He let is siffer for a second before breaking it's neck. He stood silently on Waterclan's territory, where he had killed the mouse.
Runningbrook (Waterclan Deputy She-cat) posts on 7/13/2009 3:23:08 PM *She hissed.* ''You really don't have a soul.'' *She turned around and vanished into the trees.* ''No wonder firestream 'went missing'.'' *She yelled over her shoulder.*
Rippedstar (Deathclan Leader Tom) posts on 7/13/2009 3:14:48 PM Rippedstar stood up and stepped over to a tree and dragged hi claws along the bark, tearing it up. When he was done with his stretch he looked back over her. Runningbrook had ignored his other comments and turned it back on him; which meant he must of gotten to her and she couldn't say anything back about it. "Why are you still talking to me? I actually enjoy talking to warriors who make idiots out of themselves because they can't face the truth. You on the other hand, have no excuse to talk to me," he pointed out. "Coldblooded killer? This does suit me," he actually laughed this time, enjoying that. It was the same words Blackfoot had said before Rippedstar had taken his life.
Runningbrook (Waterclan Deputy She-cat) posts on 7/13/2009 3:09:51 PM *She narrowed her eyes.* ''The question is why are you still here talking to me? I thought you had become some coldblood killer since i last saw you.'' *She sat down, and had to look up at him he was so much bigger then her.*
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