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Silverstar (former waterclan leader) posts on 12/25/2010 11:43:18 PM Hey guys long time no see:) let's get this board going. Let's start role playing now and just put it all in action!
William Roper posts on 8/19/2010 10:31:00 PM Guys i think we should remake those awesome clans! sure bad attendence but well manage! we might even start it back up! (Lets) (Do)(It)
Yarrowleaf posts on 8/18/2010 11:00:31 PM Well, even if this board doesn't become active again it still lasted 4 years. :)

Featherstar (Former Cloudclan Leader) posts on 7/2/2010 1:28:16 AM So, I see the board is kind of officially dead? If anybody reads this post, please respond! I'd like to plan the rebirth of this board and assign roles through email. If anybody is reading this... please help >.< Unless of course, you want to quit the board =/ however I feel that what we had going on here for many years was really wonderful, and I'd like to start that back up again :]
Raindrop from cloud that crys posts on 6/1/2010 5:00:27 PM Why did BrightHeart not become mentor of etheir Icykit or Foxkit when Firestar clearly stated he would after Jaypaw went to be a medicine cat
Featherstar (Former Cloudclan Leader) posts on 3/20/2010 1:10:47 PM AHAHA Ripppedstar xD You're right we shouldn't make any perfect characters (even though my hobby is perfection...). I think 2 clans is kinda small but.. I remember in the beginning we had 4 clans and then kinda added on some as we went? We could do that. I vote being the leader of Cloudclan whenever it is created (*cough cough* I've developed quite a soft spot for it... as you can see...) But I can be any character for any of the clans. I don't mind being a medicine cat, leader, deputy, regular warrior, etc. Just one thing, I'm currently grounded (Yuck) So I probably can't post on the board much for the next couple weeks. But we shouldn't start advertising until we have a substantial thing going here, because if people come and actually check it out they'll see how lame it is and leave (and never come back). So we should get things going and THEN advertise. Then they'll see how awesome we are and join :D
Rippedstar (Former Deathclan Leader) posts on 3/15/2010 11:10:03 AM I agree with Featherstar about having fewer clans. It may be too much to even handle 4 clans with only 4-5 members... Perhaps we should begin with two? We originally had the Four Clans: Cloudclan, Nightclan, Mistclan, and Waterclan. We could say some devastating tragedy happened and most of the clan cats were wiped out, so they had to start over? In the making of the new clans, it was decided upon only 2 would form because the lack of survivors. The survivors can be our old cats we used to use, or we can choose to make new ones. That means SNightstar, your cat, Seastar, can be leader of one of the clans? Does anyone else agree with me? If we do this, we have to decide the new names or just pick two names of the old clans. Eventually, we may get more members and then we can add another clan... but, in my honest opinion, it's going to be much too hard to balance four clans with 5, if that, members. Oh! Also, you mentioned the rule about having to be a kit for a week and then an apprentice for a month and then you get to become a warrior... I agree. I loved how we used to do that XD I can just remember sitting at my computer feeling like a child discovering the magic of candy when my first character, Runningpaw, was made into a warrior C: . Anywho, I'd be happy to be deputy of one of the clans (whether we stick with 4 or 2). We should probably try deciding everything pretty quickly, that way we can begin posting and seem decently active xP I do have an idea how to reign in more members, but the process won't be fast. I know for a fact that Warriors is still popular because of how many busy Warrior Cats Role-Play boards there are. I'll advertise on a few and see what that does, but I have a life to attend to as well (-.-)' It would be great to get this place rolling again. I much rather be sneaking on here during class instead of doing schoolwork (since it's the only site that isn't blocked). Reflecting on the board's past and myself, I just wanted to say, we should really try to avoid creating any more 'Mary-Sue', or perfect, cats. *CoughCough* Rippedstar - who - killed - any - cat - he - wanted - and - no - one - could - defeat - him *CoughCough* C: Just throwing it out there! Sorry about the length of this post and my rambling. I needed to get everything out in case no one posts here for another two weeks. X.x
Featherstar (Former Cloudclan Leader) posts on 3/13/2010 3:59:52 PM AHHHHH. Even though I said R.I.P. I just CAN'T STAY AWAY. It's like this board reminds me of the good times in life -.-' What's sad, I even remembered the address for this website by heart... the numbers and everything :[ I guess I have no choice but to join this board *sigh* I volunteer to RP as a character... Good luck finding new members. Another thing, that's quite a large number of clans. With such few member it'll be really hard to make enough cats for all the clans. Do you think we could narrow it down to just four or five?
Firesoul posts on 2/18/2010 2:46:56 AM I have dibs on Firesoul the Medicine cat of Cloud clan =)
Nightstripe (Former CloudClan she-cat) posts on 2/17/2010 2:59:01 AM Seastar- (Cloudclan Leader) Brownish Grey dappled tabby she-cat with intense jade green eyes.(Brown Egyptian mau mix) Seastar has seen it all, the distruction of her old home, the sadness of death, and the terror of desease. However, her bounce-back nature means she's perservered through all these hardships to come back to her homeland, and she intends to rebuild her clan with the tenacity of the sea which guides her paws. (warrior name, Seasalt)
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