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Rainstar(CC leader)/Silverstar(NC leader) posts on 7/30/2009 11:05:22 PM (Hey. What happened while I was gone? I was on a trip-glad to see it's active :) )
Stormpaw (Waterclan Tom) posts on 7/30/2009 5:12:34 PM *Stormpaw purred and had the urge to deny his return of going and resting. But he knew Runningstar would be back soon, and would want all cats to be present when she decided who would be waterclan's new deputy. The silver tom stood up and stretched his sore legs and yawned, but knew his day wasn't over cause Ghoststep would have him off hunting for the clan instead of resting. Stormpaw padded up to Dawnpaw and flicked her playfully with his tail. Normally Stormpaw wasn't ever in a playful mood but something told him Dawnpaw was his exception. He looked down at her one last time, shocked by how much bigger he was than her. He grinned a mischiefious smile and turned around and propelled himself forward into the forest and made his way back to camp.* RUNNINGSTAR (WATERCLAN LEADER SHE-CAT): *She padded into the camp to see her son Stormpaw laying outside the apprentice den his face emotionless. She was greated by everyone but quickly pushed her way through when the medicine cat convinced everyone she needed rest or she would colapse on her paws. Runningstar pushed her way into the familiar den of her fathers which was now her's. His scent still lingered but she nnoticed a patch of dry moss and a mouse lay there waiting for her. Hungryly she gulped down the mouse and curled up in the moss ready to sleep until sun down when she would announce the new deputy.*
Dawnpaw (Loner She-cat) posts on 7/30/2009 4:58:48 PM The tabby pressed the spiderweb on his wound, thankful that her mother used to be a medicine cat. Firestream had taught Dawnpaw the basics of herbs before she left. She returned a lick on Stormpaw's ear and purred quietly. "Maybe you should go back to camp and get some rest," guilt was beginning to hit her. Stormpaw was only laying here because she was around his boarder. "I'll leave for now, but I'll be back here and waiting for an answer," a grin danced on her lips. It was the least she could do.

Stormpaw (Waterclan Tom) posts on 7/30/2009 4:49:28 PM ((Sorry my internet like stopped working for a second.)) *He watched her as she padded back with some unpamilair herb. He nodded allowing her to put it on, already feeling better he sighed.* ''Thanks.'' *He licked her forehead slowly and lay his head back down on his paws.*
Dawnpaw (Loner She-cat) posts on 7/30/2009 4:43:42 PM Dawnpaw silently watched him as he finished the rabbit and laid back down without a word. She say, letting her eyes wonder as she thought. Maybe he just wasn't sure what to say to her or maybe he just isn't good at convertsation? Dawnpaw paused her thoughts seeing Stormpaw cleaning out his wound. "I'm fine, nothing I can't handle," she mewed, worried that his wound may get infected. Why should I even care? she suddenly snapped at herself, but she stood up anyway. "Hold on a second," she mewed going into the bushes beside her where there were most likely cobwebs. Dawnpaw wrapped some up around her paw and moved back over to him. "It'll at least stop the bleeding," she looked at him, wanting permission to put it on.
Stormpaw (Waterclan Tom) posts on 7/30/2009 4:36:34 PM *Stormpaw nodded not really sure out to say without being mean. He finished quickly and laid down stretching himself out and relaxed. He stared at her. He knew he was confusing her, but she must know by now he that he wasn't experienced in talking with other cats, much less being nice and civil to someone he wasn't exactly sure he could trust. He licked his scratch and winced as it stung a little bit but kept at it until it was clean.* ''Are you okay?'' *He didn't know why he was asking like he cared, maybe he did
Dawnpaw (Loner She-cat) posts on 7/30/2009 4:30:47 PM Dawnpaw closed her eyes, trying to gain her energy back. The moutains were a long distance from here and took a few days to reach the forest. She had been on her feet most of the time and then having to fight off a massive dog didn't help. When Dawnpaw opened her eyes, Stormpaw had caught a rabbit which was clenched between his teeth. She become cautious as he neared her, but he dropped the rabbit by her feet and nudged her toward her. The golden she-cat slowly sat up and forced herself not too look too tired, even though it was very appernt on her face. She took a few bites and gulped them down, the warm scent and taste of the rabbit feeling good in her throat. "Thank you, Stormpaw," she mewed softly, pulling back from the rabbit so he could have a few bites. "You didn't have to do this though," she mewed. yes, Dawnpaw was grateful for the easy meal, but Stormpaw was now constantly confusing her with his actions. ((Yes he is =^.^=))
Stormpaw (Waterclan Tom) posts on 7/30/2009 4:22:36 PM *He glanced at her with a small hint of sarcasm and tried to grinned. Stormpaw yawned and stood his muscles ached but he ignored it as he scented a rabbit. Quietly he stalked towards it, his body looking odd in this position due to his massive size. He leaped fanishing behind a small bush and reappeared seconds later with a large rabbit hanging from his jaws. He dropped it at his feet and and pushed it towards Dawnpaw.* ''Eat.'' *He demanded as he sat down next to her letting her have the first couple bites* ((What a gentlemanXD))
Dawnpaw (Loner She-cat) posts on 7/30/2009 4:15:33 PM Dawnpaw, backed up slightly when the dog darted away, obviously that dog wasn't to keen of being attacked. She licked her paw another time to slow down the bleeding from where it bit her. She closed her eyes briefly and turned to Stormpaw hearing his words. He had come off to be a confident jerk, but maybe there was more to him then just that. "Now your going to be nice?" she mewed jokingly, but by the way he acts that she has seen, he probably wasn't going to play along. "Thanks though, you're pretty skilled yourself," she complimented, laying down on the ground stretching her out shaken and tired muscles. SHe had been exhuasted enough before that from traveling so far.
Stormpaw (Waterclan Tom) posts on 7/30/2009 4:07:16 PM *Stormpaw Watched as Dawnpaw danced around the dog doing rather well. After the dog howled Stormpaw let go and watched it run off. He had a small scratch on his flank, but nothing that he couldn't live with. His breath was a little heavy as he sat down and stared at Dawnpaw and couldn't believe what he was going to say.* ''Nice job...'' *He lay down to tired to take care of his injury at the moment.*
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