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maivan ha posts on 4/13/2005 9:04:29 AM the hemingway's messages through"the old man and the sea"
Vicki posts on 3/31/2005 11:42:09 AM His writing completely s*cks. Talk about all the grammatical errors in his book "A Farewell to Arms." I hated the book and could not undertand what he was talking about.
duong thi le quyen posts on 3/31/2005 6:51:29 AM I am seeking some information about yhe messages of Hemingway in "The old man and the sea ".PLEASE HELP ME. THANK YOU

Andrei posts a bold assertion on 3/23/2005 4:09:10 PM I don't really know but i am guessing that't because the sea is calm like a women and the fish is aggresive as a man.
W posts on 3/23/2005 2:12:19 PM Why does the old man refer to the sea as feminine and the fish masculine
RoMo posts on 1/18/2005 9:12:10 PM Im doin my second term paper this year so i got the hang of these things but i'v had trouble gettin on the ground with ernest hemingways short story The Snows oF Mount Kilamenjaro. Im limited ot 5 pages so i was lookin for opinions on what 2 or 3 aspects would be the best to focuz on. I'v also heard that the story is autobiographical and i could write 5 pages on that aloen so i dunno where to go with it.
Billy R. Ross posts on 1/8/2005 9:39:45 PM What are some comparisons between: Old Man and the Sea and Ernest Hemingwau
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