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Anonymous posts on 6/28/2005 8:49:11 AM eva ibbotson's books are wonderful.i've read almost all of them and i'm about to start the great ghoast rescue
Maia posts on 6/9/2005 7:02:02 PM I think this is a wonderful book that should be read by all. It not only is a good story, it also teaches you about the Amazon, and Brazil. I am trying to find Eva Ibbotson's address, but so far, no good.
india posts on 4/8/2005 12:17:20 PM At school we're doing projects on our fave authors i've chosen Eva Ibbotson i've already done 8 pages but i can't think of any more.

foxhound93 posts on 4/5/2005 6:56:41 PM i love Eva Ibbotson's writing, especially Island of the Aunts.For a gifted and talented project at school I am doing a report on her. Does anyone know where i can find some good info?
Anonymous posts on 3/23/2005 8:39:20 PM I have read the book, Island of the Aunts. It is a very good book. It has a lot of description and it is funny in some places. I would love to read more of the books!
Anonymous posts on 2/28/2005 5:19:07 PM I am in 7th grade and need to find endorsements of the book "The secret of platform 13"
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