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posts on 9/5/2006 11:23:09 AM My Mother is an avid reader, mostly Mysteries, but loves to read Fannie Flagg books as well. She just finished reading, Can't wait to get to Heaven....and laughed until she cried throughout most of it. It is I believe, the most fun she has ever had while reading. Hope a movie gets made of this one, as Fried Green Tomatos was soooooooooo good. Kudos, Ms. Flagg!
posts on 8/27/2006 11:58:43 AM I absolutely loved your book. It cheered me, it made me laugh, it inspired me, I'd like to be just like Elner. I loved the trip to Heaven. I loved the ending. I loved the recipes. I have read all your books. My favorite was,"Redbird Christmas". But now it is,"Can't wait to get to heaven." This was the book I needed at this point in my life. Thanks
posts on 8/14/2006 11:13:16 PM i thought this was a great book, but who is the miracle man?

Barbara posts on 5/17/2005 2:33:48 PM I cannot get enough of Elmwood Springs. I want to know Aunt Eleanors story? Come on Fannie, I am waiting. Thanks for all the marvelous hours of getting lost in a wonderful place. Your fan, Barb
Heather Calma posts on 4/28/2005 5:33:27 PM I absolutely LOVE Fannie but I have just discovered another author. If you love FGT you must check out Little Alters everywhere then Divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood by Rebecca Wells. The books were 100% better then the movie. You need to read them in that order to make the most sence. They are set in the same time frame as FGT and also in the south. It goes back and forth with whos telling the story and back and forth in time. I read them right after I finished FGT and was very pleased. I just got Daisy Faye and Welcome to the world baby girl. Im having sergury next week so Im saving them while I recover. I look forward to reading them.
Mary Ellen Ipiotis posts on 4/28/2005 5:23:32 PM Fannie Flagg is a tour de force in story telling. I can't read her stories fast enough. I feel at a loss when I am winding down one of her books. Fannie has made me laugh and feel sad and fall in love with her characters. Miss D Faye Harper (Daisy Faye Harper and The Miracle Man)and I were so much alike as kids it's scary. Fannie Flagg has won this reader and writer over as an ardent admirer of a good story whether on the giving or receiving end of it. In this case I am a richer person for having the pleasure and privledge of finding myself on the receiving end of her fabulous story telling where one can escape into the imagination of one Ms. Fannie Flagg! Author! Author! Mary Ellen Ipiotis,Albuquerque, NM
sherri posts on 4/20/2005 8:13:19 PM I so enjoyed this book!!! plots that twist back on themselves will never cease to amaze me. Other posters are right that Ruth and idgie's relationship wouldn't have been tolerated,but maybe it was because of how much respect each woman had earned in their own right and because idgie acted so much like man to start with that no one really thought of her as a woman.
Barbara posts on 4/18/2005 2:47:07 PM Was the novel Daisy Faye and the Miracle Man first released as Coming Attractions?
Heather Calma posts on 4/6/2005 9:41:29 PM I dont know, I always wondered the same thing. I saw the movie first and thought of Idgie as a lesbian but it wasnt very clear. I thought maybe I was just reading into it to much and when my hubby and I watched it together, he picked up on it right away. I just finished the book tonight and I was thinking the same thing. I do feel that they are clearly lesbians but it never comes right out and says so. Also, in the real world, that would not have been acceptable in that time peroid. Especially in a small town. That is the one thing in the book that drove me nuts. I wanted more confirmation of the relationship.
Nati posts on 3/11/2005 9:50:45 AM It's been 2 weeks since I've read this book, and I'm still unsure of what Fannie Flag is trying to say. Is she sending a message of acceptance? Is she telling her readers to be themselves? Or, is it to not fear old age? I enjoyed reading this book, but I wish the theme had been more clear. Especially because I have to write a paper on it dag nabbit.
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