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chris posts a message on 1/3/2006 9:07:36 PM i dont tyink he is hot.i think the movie needs more action though,also i feel bad for his friend.
kaitlyn posts on 11/7/2005 3:56:26 PM the human torch\jonny storm played by Chris evens is so hot!I love that movie
Oddwen posts on 7/16/2005 12:42:38 PM Oh the movie, when the Thing punched through Reed's chest to get to Jonny...I guess that means that Reed's bones offer no support or protection to his vital organs, huh? Sux0rs to be him.

Oddwen posts on 7/15/2005 10:10:07 PM Okay...I've wondered a whole lot watching Superhero movies, and watching F4 has brought up a bunch of questions which perhaps a science buff or comic book genius can answer for me. Perhaps these only pertain to the movie version only, I don't know. Is plastic really *that* fantastic? How can Reed Richards and his ilk hold anything of weight when stretched? His muscles when stretched that far shouldn't be able to support any substantial load! Is his hair stretchy too? Can he heal? Wouldn't his *pores* stretch out to gigantic disgusting sizes? Yuck. Why did he stay "super-heated" for so long after falling out of the Baxter building? HOW THE HECK did Doom "drag" him off to his lab when he was still incapacitated and flopping all over the place? The Thing: Which finger did he lose? He has a heart of stone, but what is his *blood* made of? Lava? What lubricates his joints? Can he regenerate himself should he lose a ... rock? Same with Dr. Doom. We never got to see *his* insides. Blood? Or liquid electricity? The Olympic Torch: Isn't it unrealistic to say that his "vital signs" are unchanged by his superheatedness? To be able to generate such heat would create a huge need for enormous amounts of energy, i.e. food. Is his eating insubstantial popcorn unrealistic in this case? Eat a bowl of popcorn and attempt to set yourself on fire and fly. Explain your results in 50 words or less. Invisibility: It's been said that invisibility is impossible, because light needs to reflect off your corneas, and if that couldn't happen you'd be blind. Apparently in f4 though, I remember hearing that she can refract is Sue Storm really a giant eyeball? Just some thoughts...have fun with them.

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