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J.DeG posts on 8/28/2005 8:40:38 PM I don't believe you guys!!! Talking about me behind my back right to my face!!! LOL!!! But of course you are both right. I have been remiss in my correspondence but for good reason. I took a vacation!!! Well, a little one. As a matter of fact, I just got back in the door from Virginia Beach. Plus I am still rewriting, so there's that. And you're both at fault there. Thank you very much. Marilyn, I'm still planning to meet you at the donut shop, but it'll be at least September so we'll probably need hot cocoa to dunk em'in. And Sheila, you know I'm looking forward to some authentic fish n' chips, but I'm waiting for good ol' Scolan' Yard to catch ALL the bad guys before I show up in Jolly Ol' England!!! Now, I did love Rage and agree that it was a page-turner. I haven't made time for the other one yet, but I thought the premise had possibilities when FK referred to in another novel. I suppose I'll get around to it in the next month or two. As I said, I literally just walked in the door from coming off the highway and I had a whole box full of books waiting for me that I bought from an Ebay seller. I don't know when I'll have the time.... But I also agree with you guys! Hey FK!!! Bring back Cindy!!!!!
sheila m. bent. posts on 8/28/2005 6:07:18 AM I agree Marilyn. What has happened with this great story line? we are all so looking forward to cindy's wedding!!I read Double Homicide,but didn't put it in my "must read again" cubby-hole!! I donate all my "not wanted again books to our local library, it's such a tiny place. If you get the chance Marilyn, read Rage, It's really good. what about J.Ks Petra books? she is a fantastic character, also worthy of a read. About J.DeG,I think he's forgotten all about me!!!! not a peep out of him for over a month Marilyn! men are so fickle arn't they? But, to be far, it was you and I who sat him back down at his keyboard, eh?!
Marilyn posts on 8/26/2005 4:21:26 PM Shiela, I too am disappointed about the Peter/Rina books. What gives, surely FK knows how popular they are. Her whole fan club has been waiting. I just don't get it. Maybe if a few outside novel will flop she get on the ball again. I did not like the one she wrote with JK. I though he pulled her down. She may find out that her success was in the series. I told John , I don't even feel Jewish anymore. Have you heard from John lately. I always tease him about having an overseas affair. Good to hear from you.

Patty posts on 8/26/2005 3:23:02 PM Is there another Cynthia/Yaakov book to follow?
sheila m. bent. posts on 8/25/2005 1:12:49 PM Marilyn, I have been reading this for two weeks now!! FOUR DAYS is my usual time for a F.K. novel. straight into darkness is, for me, plain dreary!But as I'm now at chapter 27 I'll plod on... It's not her high standard I'm used to, most disappointing after waiting so long for it to be published. Moon Music and the quality of Mercy were outstanding, as all the Peter/Rina books are.This is the only novel of F.K's that is NOT a page turner..
Marilyn posts on 8/25/2005 12:28:18 PM I gather from Betty that Straight into Darkness is NOT a Peter/Rina novel. I will read it of course, but I am so disappointed that FK has not continued the Greatest series I have read. Boo Hoo, that what we get for being faithful readers. Cindi probably has a whole brood of kids by now and Jake is a full fledged Rabbi. MMC
Betty posts on 8/24/2005 2:01:12 AM "Straight Into Darkness is a great read, filled with suspense and substance. The characters are well developed and the storyline is interesting and very moving. A serial killer of young women is loose in Munich,Germany year 1929; Hitler and his Brownshirts are coming into power threatening citizens and causing unrest,havoc and destruction. Against this background is a very powerful and moving story which captures the essence of that era which led Germany "Straight Into Darkness".
pauline nich posts on 8/10/2005 10:47:15 PM In "Stone Kiss" there is a reference to Decker's attending his half brother Jonathon's wedding. I thought I had read all the books leading to this one...Have I missed one? Please respond.Thanks. PN
Marilyn posts on 7/7/2005 1:15:54 PM Does anyone out there know why Faye has abandoned Peter and Rina, I am very disappointed that it has been almost two years since her last Lasarus Novel. As far as I am concerned the one written with JK was a bomb. I feel as if I have been left hanging too long waiting for the next in the series. I really feel as if she is disloyal to her Peter and Rina fans. I want to hear about Cindi's wedding, Chris Donati and the sketch he made of Rina while she was sleeping and all the rest of these wonderful characters. Please FAYE Just one more to put the lid on a great series. MMC, a loyal fan.
cybersst posts on 6/29/2005 8:24:04 PM Thanks so much for the info on Faye's new book. I also recommend Jonathan Kellerman. I have read all of his Alex Delaware novels. They are both great authors.
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