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J.DeG. posts on 6/27/2005 9:19:13 PM [cybersst] Faye's next book "Straight Into Darkness" is scheduled for release later this year in August. It is not a Decker/Lazarus novel, however there is a connection to this story with a murder case mentioned in another Decker/Lazarus story. "Straight Into Darkness" is set in Germany in the 1920s and deals with a serial murderer. Another posting below on this page will give you the list of Decker/Lazarus books published to-date. Check Amazon or other similar on-line used book stores for availability's, as they will offer great prices for used copies of these books that are out-of-print. [Michele Jacques] you may want to try reading Faye's husband's books about Dr. Alex Delaware by Jonathan Kellerman (18 novels). He has quite a few characters who struggle with mental illnesses, as he is a psychologist. Also, another author that I like very much whose main character lives with a bipolar condition is Abigail Padgett. Her "Bo Bradley" series (5 novels) gives a very good depiction of the heroic abilities of those dealing with mental illnesses and overcoming them. Good reading to you both!!!
cybersst posts on 6/27/2005 7:47:08 PM Does anyone know when Faye will be putting out a new book after Double Homicide.
Michele Jacques posts on 6/11/2005 11:22:20 AM I have to read more Faye Kellerman books. What I liked about her first Peter Decker/Rina Lazarus book was that she had a psychotic in it who was a sort of a hero. I have to read the rest of the series, and whether she has or hasn't, she should put some more good guy psychotics in her books because a psychotic is not necessarily a bad person (as most often portrayed in media and literature) but someone carrying an extra load on his or her shoulders. Having psychotics that readers can care about is good for both literature and the truth of mental illness. Way to go Ms. (or is it Dr.) Kellerman -- do it again! Thanks.

Chuck Rudolph posts on 6/7/2005 10:40:16 PM I have read with great interest, Several of Faye Kellerman,s novels. It is such a coincidence that, #1- My 93 year old mothers name is Frieda Levine,#2- Her mothers maiden name was Lazerus, and she was from Lithuania. And we are jewish. While reading your novels, I am constantly put in mind of my family. And finally, for your husband' sake, I am a huge USC fan. Regards..Chuck Rudolph
Anna posts on 5/28/2005 1:57:15 PM Stalker takes place before The Forgotten
J.DeG posts on 5/17/2005 3:34:47 PM Here is the Decker/Lazarus books in the proper order: 01. The Ritual Bath, 1986 02. Sacred and Profane, 1987 03. Milk and Honey, 1990 04. Day of Atonement, 1992 05. False Prophet, 1992 06. Grievous Sin, 1993 07. Sanctuary, 1994 08. Justice, 1995 09. Prayers for the Dead, 1996 10. A Serpent's Tooth, 1997 11. Jupiter's Bones, 1999 12. The Forgotten, 2000 13. Stone Kiss, 2001 14. Stalker, 2002 15. Street Dreams, 2003 As I frequently lament, this board won't allow one to "promote" other websites, even those of the authors whose books we discuss. Go figure. You can also obtain a complete listing of her books at Amazon . (you know what) There are also other "non" Decker/Lazarus books and you can check out those and keep up with new novels on the horizon at her website. Now if you can decipher the below message, you may just make it to her actual website. ------> Type the acronym that stands for "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol" then type a "Colon" and then "Two Forward Slashes," then the word "authorpages" and then a "Period" and then the word "hoddersystems" and another "Period" then the acronym for the worm "Command" then a "Forward Slash" and finally the word "fayekellerman." If you got all that and actually ned up at her site, then give yourself a star as a true computer geek. I've tried every which way that I know to post her website in the past with not much luck. When I've tried to do it here at AllReaders, the message just won't post. Hope you have better luck. J.DeG
Vivian Bode posts on 5/17/2005 2:52:00 PM Where can I find a list of the Decker/Lazarus novels in order? I love the books, but hate to read a series out of order.
J.DeG posts on 5/4/2005 6:15:26 AM Jean. The Decker "marriage" has been a bone of contention among most of Faye's fans for quite some time. Every book review and blog site I've ever gone to, its the same complaint: Why didn't Faye write about the marriage ceremony? So the marriage is implied, rather than displayed upon the page. The next two novels in the series ("Milk and Honey," 1990 - "Day of Atonement," 1992), show the events that lead to and then end with their marriage confirmed. So the marriage happens in between these two books and we didn't get an invitation. However, it is at the beginning of the second novel, "Day of Atonement" that the marriage is first referred to, as Decker grouses about ending up spending his honeymoon ensconced in a small tenement apartment bedroom at the home of Rina's relatives in New York. There's been speculation that Faye might grace us with the ceremony at some future date in another novel as a flashback, but that has probably been wishful thinking among her fans more than anything. ;-)
Len Olds posts on 5/4/2005 1:51:23 AM On page 256 of the Forgotten there's the statement ""..and two male exchange students from Austria who satisfied their country's military obligations by working for the center for a year." A German student graduating from Shanghai American School has been notified he has to do his military training next year. I've tried the web site but didn't get information. Is help available?
JEAN posts on 4/25/2005 9:15:41 AM Finished Ritual Bath and Sacred & Profane...wondering in which book Rina & Peter finally marry. Thanks
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