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Bette Meeker posts a message on 12/29/2005 3:41:55 PM I just finished watching this flick, and can only say, it is a GREAT movie,I didn't move a muscle from beginning to end. Jeff Bridges is one of my favorites, and this part was tailor-made for Jeff! Lots of sensitive stuff, interaction with other people in the "crash"...that lost loved ones...and Jeff's attempts to seek out and help those that survived the crash. Jeff's talent is so evident with no end to the lengths his character go's to help others in the same crash! The ending was a jolt, as he suddenly and successfully returns to "himself" "before" the crash, and gets back with his wife, lovely Isabella Rosselini. It is an "alls well that ends well" flick and one of the best I've seen. 12/29/05

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