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Roberta Still posts on 1/1/2012 Roberta Still has just written a review of Texas Sunrise which you can see here
carol posts on 1/2/2006 12:47:13 AM I am a great fan of Fern Michaels and have many of her books. I have read the Texas, Kentucky and Vegas series and am now looking for a list of all the books she has written. Can someone help my
judy ann rupnicki posts on 11/13/2005 12:46:01 AM I would like to know what order to read the captive series in I have 5 are there more? thankyou

lisa neel posts on 10/18/2005 1:41:51 PM I know that the poeple in the texas and kentucky families have the smae last name so are they related and if so how? Are the people in the vagas series related tot he colemans as well?
Susan posts on 10/8/2005 2:29:15 PM Can someone tell me what order to read Fern's Captive series? I now have all five but don't know which to read first. Thanks!

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