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Anonymous posts on 5/22/2007 8:23:14 PM Don't you want to see horry Potter more the fifth one coming out I mean what is wrong with you!
Lady Friday posts on 5/21/2007 5:36:56 PM Has any one heard when Superior Saturday is coming out???????
Adam posts on 4/26/2007 6:23:04 PM I totally think the should make a Keys to the Kingdom movie

lilani posts on 11/30/2006 6:37:18 PM Garth Nix needs to keep writing the way he writes because the way he makes the books interesting is what keeps me reading his books.
becky posts on 11/21/2006 12:08:52 AM my favorit books by nix is deff the abhorsen trilogy. but shads children comes in a close second. It seems like a completly random book but its realy good and any nix fans would love it. i love the ending.
Remenix posts on 10/29/2006 11:53:57 AM Im reading Abhorsen at the moment started it this morning. great already. im at the bit were mogget becomes freee again. Ive read Lierial and SAbriel both great Books. Also i think the KTTK is great ive finished thursday. Iprefer the old kingdom more though.
Viking II posts on 10/24/2006 8:07:54 PM I heard that lady friday was coming out on march 1, 2007-but thats still a long time
Cruse posts on 10/19/2006 6:00:51 PM hi im new to this forum or whatever but i also think KTTK is awesome. but it would be hard to make it a good movie cuase in these books almost every thing is importent to cut stuff out to make it shorter could make the movie really bad. also i have a prediction about the whoel will becoming the Architect and turning arthur back to a human if he becoems a denzien. one when more parts of the will are added Damius Primus will probably change personality because an old stiff like her could never of created all the realms the way they are. 2 i think there will be more of a twist i think the full set of the will will be meaner then every one thinks no one said the Architect was all that nice. either the will has its own sepperate proppaganda or Lord Sunday has planned every thing and played every one like pawns. just a preddiction.
posts on 10/11/2006 12:14:31 AM well i figured out a few things while i was net surfing. lady friday is giving arthur a deal that might be a trap. also sat. shut off all the elevators and blacked the front entrance in the fifth book
posts on 9/18/2006 7:51:51 PM I don't minde the wait for friday the KTTK are realy good i'm on wednesday (my 3rd time reading it)but i think i like the abhorsen T more oh and the cover for across the wall is a bust next the other three. one question what do you guys and gals think about shade's children?
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