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Nolan Henson posts on 9/20/2005 8:22:59 PM The books about Brian are excellent! I think they are exciting, thrilling and a little bit funny.I think Brian Robeson should meet John Barron somehow, I am not sure how but I think it would make a great book thank you for your time. sincerely Nolan Henson age:13
Dude posts on 9/20/2005 4:31:37 PM This book was recommended to me... I am very excited to read it
beavis harvy posts on 9/14/2005 8:47:54 PM this was the worst fuking book i have ever read in my life. i hate you you stupid jewish basterd. gary fuk off and never right anouther one of your bulshit books again.

hannah13 posts on 8/24/2005 5:06:40 PM hey gary! i love all of your Brian books, they're my favorite. i also loved The Rifle ad Guts.
Nathan Banks posts on 8/1/2005 6:52:45 PM hello Gary i wanted to know what you think about making the Transal Saga into a major motion picture please write back.
zac posts on 6/3/2005 1:17:14 PM i have a question on why ever new chapter gary paulsen starts with a capitle letter like this :Bryan Moved with... like in Hatchet, and by the way thats a great book can anyone answer my question?
jordan posts on 5/25/2005 5:03:59 PM I have read 9 of your books and I love your writing. I am reading Murphy's Herd and I am loveing it. hope to hear from you.
Annalynn posts on 5/25/2005 11:34:32 AM Hi Gary, I was just wondering why you decided to run away from home and join a carnival? i would not have the guts to do that! i have read 4 of your books and watched 1 of the movies i love your books and please write back!
Festime posts on 5/25/2005 11:34:19 AM I really like the movie nightjohn and i like the book the river
C palmer posts on 5/24/2005 7:32:34 PM Does anybody have a list of good, meaningful quotes from the book? Would really appreciate any responses!!!!
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