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Curious Kitten posts on 4/21/2005 11:30:59 AM I love the books, but I wonder if anyone else is annoyed at their luddite tendencies. I happen to like technology. Now as the planet itself belonged to the Erakwa before the colonists arrived, they had every right to say "NO!" to any development, but I'm annoyed when the only example of a person who likes machines is a psychopath who is also a sadist and hurts small animals. Do you think I'm reading too much into a good story?
Ginnia posts on 3/16/2005 8:40:06 AM I've read the books but when I travel I like to listen my favorite stories. Is there any hope of audio books in the future?
bob posts on 1/18/2005 10:35:12 PM Would like to know if there is a book 3 in the works to go along with the other gatti's gambit books? Bob
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