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jim posts on 6/14/2009 3:11:37 PM I’m hoping that one of you bright readers can help me. When I was a freshman in high school (1979) I read a book. I do not know if the book came out that year or ten years before. I had just started to enjoy mystery reading and so I did not pay attention to the author or any part of the book that could help me locate this book today. Some of the details are fuzzy, but the book was primarily about an elderly (50 - 60 yrs) couple that decides that they want to get away to celebrate their retirement. They decide to go on a cruise and to save money, they decide to shop around for prices. While trying to find the best price, they come across an advertisement for a private cruise on a smaller (50 – 75 feet) boat. They decide to take the cruise and after being on the water strange things begin to happen. 1. Little by little the crew requires more help from the couple, 2. The husband almost cuts his thumb off, and they do not give him medical attention 3. The boat gets stuck on a sand bar and they ask the husband to get out and pull the boat, 4. Their food begins to be rationed. They end up just being tortured on this private cruise getaway. The story ends by the couple finding the captain’s notes and they discover that the captain is experimenting on how long subjects can be pushed passed exhaustion. I’ve been looking for this book ever since high school just so that my wife and I can read it. If you can help in any way please email me back. Thank you.
Yohann BRULTEY posts on 6/7/2009 7:38:18 AM Dear Sir, Madam, I'd like to submit a couple of book reviews, but I can't find your e-mail address. Where can I find such an address? Yours sincerely, Yohann BRULTEY, University of Nancy, France.
Tracey posts on 5/31/2009 10:47:26 PM Jenny it could be Faerie Tale by raymond E feist - it rings a bell with that story.

Lautnerluva101 posts on 5/14/2009 5:50:19 AM hey i was wondering i was doing an assignment on Jane Austen and was wondering if anyone could help me by telling me how Jane Austen includes christianity in her books or what impact it had on her life. Could you please give me references to the books if it does have any and please tell me what they are or entitle. Thanks for your help.
Douglas Graham posts on 3/28/2009 4:14:37 PM I have just had a book published. The name is Smoke and Murders. It is available at Llumina Press, Amazon and online at the book website. Or Google it or me Douglas Chandler Graham.
Karen posts on 3/21/2009 8:09:50 PM Has anyone read books by Lili Dauphin? Her books are inspiring. She writes about a child growing in poverty stricken Haiti. She also writes beautiful poetry and words that will lift your spirits.
shelby bean posts on 2/9/2009 12:16:44 PM Ryan Krause Mr. Lopez English 7 October 15, 2007 Healthy Computing With the prevalent use of computers in home and office environments; people are becoming increasingly aware of computer related health troubles (Yoko 56-82). Two common complaints include aching wrists or hands and strained eyes. Computer users should be proactive and minimize their chance of these troubles. Two common repetitive stress or strain injuries (RSI) that affect the wrist are carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. If your fingertips tingle and then become numb and your hands hurt, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. Tendonitis sufferers, however, have extreme pain in the wrist. Prolonged typing or mouse usage can lead to these types of injuries. Thus, computer users should place their mouse at least six inches from the edge of a desk. In this position, the wrist is flat on the desk and not used as a pivot point. To further avoid injury, computer users should take frequent brakes during a computer session and exercise their hands and arms. Eyestrain is another complaint among
William Thomas posts on 2/4/2009 4:43:00 PM Has anyone read Twist of Evolution by Alastair McCaig? I saw an advert on Facebook, liked the synopsis, bought it and can't put it down. Really recommend it. Only seems available online from amazon/authorhouse.
Brian Books posts on 1/20/2009 3:44:31 PM I stumbled onto a book called The Audacity of Absolute Truth Anyone else seen this book yet. I think it's new. I have read the first 130 pages and I love it. The wit and the poignant view of the author are both thought provoking and entertaining. It is about time someone wrote a book like this.
Jenny posts on 1/13/2009 4:54:45 PM I was talking about a book with a friend the other day and for the life of me cant remember the title or even who wrote it. This is not like me at and it driving me round the bend. I know I read it years ago so its an oldie. It was about this kid who lived in a house and there were fairies or something like in the house. But they were not nice fairies and one in particular used to come out of the wallpaper and be generally nasty. (There was like another world in the walls). I remember one scene where he came out at night (always at night) and he used to go thru the fridge and lick everything that was in there. Gross! Anyway, if I remember right the kid ended up in the walls and had to get out. I think the nasty fairy was his brother of something? Cant quite recall. Any ideas?
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