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Liz posts on 4/9/2008 7:15:59 PM Oh yes, you'd better go look for that book! Lol. Edward's supposed to be physically a seventeen year old, but Rob Pattinson is twenty-one. That's okay, though :). Anyhow...Henry Cavill is much too old to play Edward. He was offered the part of Carlisle, but he turned it down due to his part on The Tudors. Maybe the Rowling board disappeared because the Harry Potter hype's gone down...
Greg the Galant posts on 4/9/2008 3:48:29 PM Muahahahaha.....! I will begin all my messages, hitherto, like that :] Well, I've never read Twilight, but from the way you guys talk about it, I'll assume it's as good as y'all make it out to be. And as far as vampires go, Robert Pattinson looks more like a vampire than that Henry Cavil guy; wasn't he in MI3? Irish guy? How old is Edward suppose to be, anyway? I think I might see if Twilight is here at the library before I go off to Karate Class.... Anyway, whatever happened to the J. K. Rowling board? I can't find it ANYWHERE; not even Google can find it....Oh, well: TTFN!! :]
Twilight posts on 3/31/2008 2:36:09 PM they all so asked Henry Cavil to do the part. And he was gorgeous lol. He was built and bigger then Robert Pattinson is. I just think Robert pattinson is a lanky kinda skinny kid and I don't see MY kinda Edward in him. But I guess everyone sees edward the way they see a perfect guy. Like I said theres no perfect edward.

Liz posts on 3/9/2008 2:54:20 PM Oh, lol, yeah. My friend compared his hair to a bowl xD. But I think Jasper's hair will be better in the movie. At least, I hope it will...
Maria posts on 3/8/2008 10:13:32 PM Cant wait for the Twilight movie!!! I dont think that it will be messed up. They chose great actors, except the guy for Jasper. He's got a pretty bad picture at at the movie link.
Liz posts on 3/7/2008 10:10:34 PM I'd actually pick up a book on all four of those subjects :). Now...for Twilight. I -adore- that series. Edward's great (hey, the guy's perfect, lol), but I'm not all that obsessed with him. I mean, where is a girl in this world going to find a perfect vampire like him? Um, I think Rob Pattinson would make a good Edward. He seems really devoted in his part, and is highly informed about what the Twilight fanbase thinks of him. Heck, they've sent him MAIL telling him that he can't play Edward. Look at it this way- if he doesn't play Edward to the hilt, he'll have to face thousands of infuriated fans ready to say, ''Off with his head.'' Lol, he's practically acting for his life! As for the ''Team Edward/Team Jacob'' thing, I'll just be Bella and say I'm Switzerland. I can't choose. However...I'm an Alice fan ALL the way!! xD
Anonymous posts on 3/7/2008 4:40:16 PM I'd like a honest vote, raise of hands how many of you would pick up a book on werewolves, vampires, magicians or cupid.
Twilight posts on 3/3/2008 4:14:23 PM (I love the Twilight series. Edward Cullen seems very... no way to describe it.:) I don't know if any of you know this but Twilight the movie is suppose to be comeing out this Fall with Robert Pattinson playing Edward Cullen. He doesn't really fit the part I believe but theres no prefect Edward. I believe this may make a couple fans mad. It has made me extremely mad, but I have become use to the fact. Robert Pattinson did play in Harry potter as Cedric Diggory. Hes not really build as they desrice edward as. I guess we'll all have to see how it comes out. DO YOU MIND IF I ROLEPLAY BELLA? Are there any Jacob Black fans? Can't wait for the movie.:)
Edward Cullen (Vampire) posts on 3/3/2008 2:35:38 PM ((I'm roleplaying as Edward Cullen from the book Twilight.)) Edward leaped at the nearest mountain lion sinking his teeth into the flesh carefully sipping the blood. He closed his eyes feeling the warm scent of his dead prey come into his nose. Finally Edward removed his teeth from the mountain lion with a sigh. You could tell his thrist for blood was gone and he hoped it would long enough not to have the feeling of killing a human... of course he would never kill one, just the feeling drove him crazy enough. Quickly he whipped around seeing the sun starting to rise and it was better to be to school on time. Bella would have a heart attack thinking something horrible might of happened to him... He thought with a smirk. Though, the truth was he wanted to see her more... with them being together so much another vampire could see it would be a fun game threatning to bite Bella to drive Edward insane. Then Edward was off in a flash running like no human can. He was back at his house with in seconds. He saw Jasper and gave his brother a slight nod knowing he had trouble with the smell of blood from humans. Jasper still had problems with biting and killing humans, but training has done him well. Edward got into his car and turned the key rolling his eyes. He wished he could just run to school, but then everyone would know he was a vampire and Bella was already enough to know. He drove at 105 miles per hour and slowed nearing the school. Finally he was there and Adward carefully got ou of the car with his perfect smile spread across his face.
Suzanne posts on 3/3/2008 12:52:09 AM I found the book I was looking for re romance, rocker dad, etc., posted 2/11. It was Nora Roberts' book, Public Secrets.
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