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2kule4u posts on 1/6/2008 4:00:44 AM You're all book talking freaks and you're going to HELL!!! what's wrong with you? are books you're life!!!???
tyson posts on 1/6/2008 2:51:22 AM Im trying to find out how much a les miseables novel by victor hugo is worth. It was copyrighted in 1887 by T. Y. Crowell and Co.
Jim Devine posts on 12/26/2007 4:28:27 PM I wonder if anyone can help me find the author or title of a book I read several years ago. I thought it was Nicholas Sparks, but this is apparently wrong. The plot centers around a middle-aged man who has just been widowed. He is contemplating suicide. He is ultimately persuaded to coach a boy's baseball team which, predictably helps him to realize that life is worth living. I believe the setting is in New England, and I also believe that the word "Angel" may appear in the title.

Allii posts on 12/13/2007 7:11:04 PM My phrophcey is a longey. the bane killed the human returns the rats gang up the people arose from the ground the world of the under up then deid. The best will come when I make the longest one you ever saw. And i will make the longest addtion problem ever now. 1+1=2+2=4+4=8+8=16. Idon't feel like doing it now. But the best thing ever is the Gregor series. I like Gregor. I like Gregor the overlander, Gregor and the prophcy of bane, Gregor and the curse of the warmbloods, Gregor and the marks of secerts, finally the last but not least Gregor and the code of claw made and illistrated by Suzanne Collins
Reader posts on 12/12/2007 12:52:29 PM Hey you guys have any of you read Gray/Guardians? It's a great sci-fi book that's up for a young adult Cybils Award. I never heard of either one of them till the librarian suggested the site to me. Anyway it was one of the most intense fast moving books I ever read. I mean I never thought I would like a book about alien abduction type stuff, but this was so much more. I mean some parts had me laughing at aliens and other times I was crying. I just don't do that with books. And the entire time I was reading I thought that this could actually happen. You have to read it to believe it. Anyway just in case someone would like a good book this would be my recommendation.
jellybean posts on 10/26/2007 5:13:11 PM Suzanne Collins makes the best books like the Gregor sereis. I think Suzanne should make a sixth book. Iwant to find where Suzanne lives. Suzanne will probaly make the sixth book.I wish apon a star that Suzanne Collins will make a sixth. But i love music and I am listen to Mambo 4The Tribe. It is like Mamabo 3 but about baseball. Go Suzanne Collins.I love all the books about Gregor and his family. It is intresting that Gregor's littlest sister Boots says Gregor for the first time.Boots would alawys say Ge-go to Gre-go to Gregor. I love all the Gregor series.
Rainfur(CC She/Sharpclaw(she)/Flame(she) posts on 9/3/2007 2:14:10 PM I don't know... It was a Wax Museum, and we had to choose a famous person, dress as them, and memorise a speech to tell people about them. It was ok.
Silverheart posts on 9/3/2007 2:09:59 PM Was it call the Holicost or Hitler?
Rainfur(CC She/Sharpclaw(she)/Flame(she) posts on 9/3/2007 2:05:38 PM Interesting. I've seen that book before, and I've seen one of my friends read it for information on this project, I forgot what it was called....
Silverheart posts on 9/3/2007 1:48:06 PM Sorry I haven't been posting on here I just started school so I've been busy with homework and Spanish. I'm going to Washington D.C for school in a month and we have to read five holicost books or we dont go. I just finish Anne Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl. When you read it you really have to put yourself in her shoes. What if you were only 14 and you and your family were hiding and had to be silent as a mouse for 25 months. During this time she began to really find herself. In a couple diary sections she says she wanted to be a writer and have her voice perserved. She fell in love when she was 14 with a boy named Peter Mc Van Dan who was three years older than she was. No one ever heard of Peter afterwards. Months later she was betrayed by one of her closest friends and she was seperated from her father on a bus cause they were taking them to different camps. Also at age 15 you don't know were your father is and your mothers sick and days later she dies and then months later your sister dies but no one tells you but you just know. Anne Frank died at age 15 she was barly 16 years old.
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