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Debra A. Patrow posts on 9/14/2011 8:47:25 AM I am wondering how to submit a book for a review? dap
Virginia Llorca posts on 8/23/2011 1:40:13 AM There never seem to be any replies on this board. I thought we were supposed to reply and review. This is a strange website. I wonder what keeps it going. My new release is Sacred Sin by Virginia Llorca available at Amazon(dot)com for Kindle and Kindle apps.
fpaull posts on 8/22/2011 9:26:10 PM How does one submit a review to AllReaders? Who do I contact to ask some questions about submitting reviews? English is my mother tongue and I know all my letters, but I can't find the link for this. Thanks, fpaull

Don posts on 8/1/2011 4:07:07 PM Read a true story about Cassandra Blizzard and how she survived being poisoned. Great book. -autobiography Turns out she writes in many genres. I am reading Blackwater -under the name C.D. Blizzard, and it's a blast. She writes romance too, but that's not my thing. I may try one of her thrillers next.
Jeff Cagney posts on 6/15/2011 4:41:20 PM Hello. My name is Jeff Cagney. That's right... THE Jeff Cagney, internationally-acclaimed dating and relationship expert. I recently released a ground-breaking dating manual entitled How to Meet Broads: A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Seduction. Would anyone be willing to read and review if I were to provide a free copy? If not, no worries. Just figured I'd ask.
Clay Griffin posts on 6/4/2011 10:36:29 PM There are so many books out there-boring, predictable books-about a charming, good-looking protagonist; a dashing hero facing impossible odds who saves the day after a giant, vapid climax. Good guys over here; bad guys over there. But not OXYGEN DEBT. Its anti-hero, Clay Griffin, is a real mess. His bulbous nose juts out like a ship's full-sailed mast; his fattened cheeks are pitted with acne scars that cast shadows like a lunar relief map. He's got a mullet that he feathers with a dandruff-speckled plastic comb. He listens religiously to Bob Seger while he drives his fourth-generation 1978 Chevy Nova from his one-room apartment to a real dandy of a job--fishing pieces of meat out of an industrial-sized bone grinder at a meat packing plant in a fictitious Nebraskan town. One day in the middle of this ugly monotony, Clay's boss summons him to his office and fires him. This spurs Clay to action. He declares war on his dead-end life. Hell-bent to turn things around, he heads west on a cross-country Odyssey where he gets pummeled by a golf club-wielding convenience store attendant, saved by Samaritans (who he subsequently steals from), taken under the wing of a corrupt foreman who abuses wayward Mexican day laborers, involved in an internecine turf war between opposing homeless shelter gangs under the stewardship of a tonsured Franciscan monk, and eventually mingled in a romantic relationship with an enigmatic woman, Karen. Karen changes his life. A world-class marathoner, Karen introduces him to the world of running. She helps him lose weight and gain confidence by training him to run his first marathon. She picks him up and builds him into something he's never become: fit, happy, and madly in love. Clay has never been happier, in fact. And so they got married and live happily ever after, right? Not quite. There's a lot more to Karen. And there's a lot more to Clay too. Read OXYGEN DEBT to find out.
;) posts on 4/25/2011 3:33:54 AM Death cannot kill what is not measured by time. I'll love you forever, and when I die, whatever part of me is left, will love you, far beyond eternity.
MarkM posts on 4/21/2011 11:54:48 AM thinks that a website about books, of all places, should be a place where the free interchange of ideas is encouraged, even, and especially if those ideas challenge your own. He thinks that it is very sad that there are several people here who will shout down anyone who expresses a dissenting thought, telling him to "butt out", "go away", "avanti", and say "no one cares what you think." Pathetic.
Anonymous posts on 4/20/2011 2:28:38 PM Has anyone seen Kevin J. Curtis' new novel, "Cottonwood?"
Anonymous posts on 4/16/2011 3:56:31 AM Wonders why people can't keep their accusations to themselves when they just base their accusations off of what they think instead of what they know to be true.
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