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George Parker posts on 12/29/2005 12:16:30 PM One of the characters in the Atomic Kid-Adventures in the Antiworld is a rather enigmatic secret agent named Mr. Hunter. We know very little about him other than his hero is Miyamoto Musashi, he likes good Cuban cigars, and that he is always evaluating evolving situations. At one such juncture in the book he finds himself in a situation he truly cannot comprehend. He fires up a cigar, ponders long and hard on Musashi, and lets himself drift away as Adagio for Strings plays on the radio. He tumbles and falls through his imagination, picking up hints and whispers of long lost memories, and forgotten promises of love. It is one of those truly ecstatic moments that builds out of complete despair into a comprehensive understanding of exactly where one is at this very moment in time. One would call it enlightenment if it lasted for eternity, but it doesn't, it never will, it is purely an elevation to another plateau of understanding. Mr. Hunter comes away from the moment with a more profound knowledge of where he fits in this jigsaw puzzle called his life, and he knows with certainty that there is a force at work he has never encountered before. I hope this answers your question. The wild and adventure filled life of Mr. Hunter will be the subject of the next book in The Atomic Kid series.
Professor Wayne C. Wentzel posts on 12/28/2005 12:27:43 PM i am writing a book about Barber's Adagio for Strings, including references in literature. Could you give me a brief paragraph about how you happened to include it in Atomic Kid? Is it a personal favorite of yours? Thanks

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