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Myntzi posts on 9/21/2005 8:46:40 AM Try Amazon UK for the UK version. Shipping will cost you, especially if you rush it over, but it's probably the easiest way to get the thing.
The Once and Future Fiend posts on 9/18/2005 6:40:37 PM so after rereading the first book, i have to say that jon has got to be rhaegar and lyanna's kid. i think ned probably did cheat on catelyn but i don't think jon snow came from that affair. martin mentions neds promise to lyanna too many times for there to not be more to the story. i hope we found out in feast. and i can't wait to see what happens with arya. i hope that jaqen h'ghar guy trains her to be an assasin, so she can go slit cersei lannisters throat.
The Once and Future Fiend posts on 9/10/2005 6:55:46 PM anyone know how to go about ordering feast from the UK. any web sites or anything? i must have it 3 weeks early.

complete loss posts on 9/5/2005 12:34:30 PM Sansa, smart?! Ok, I know, she's supposed to be a major character, and I hope that she's able to DO something (a stupid hope, supported just by some visions from the future and the stark blood...), but how in the world can anyone say she's SMART?! She is not just been taught to act lady-like: she trust anyone that has a nice smile and tells her that she's pretty and lovely! Is exactly when she thinks, when you see how dumb she is!. Being a Stark lady does NOT make her smart, nor dangerous; it just makes her a major character. That's all. I confess I HOPE she'll change, because she has potentially some part to do in the story, but right now... she's just a stupid cow. In my humbly opinion ;-) I have to apologize for my bad english, thanks for your patience.
fattedcat the glorious posts on 8/25/2005 4:02:57 PM I was really surprised to hear that in the FEAST Sansa and Tyrion get hooked up again and she gives birth to a midget but it looks like the queen (no not Richard Simmons) Tyrion's sister.
DJ Baldassari posts on 8/24/2005 1:19:37 PM How long must we wait for a feast for crows. It has been pusshed back for almosta year and a half now. This is getting ridiculous.
don posts on 8/14/2005 9:46:46 PM I wonder about Sansa. If anyone has noticed, she is major player. She deserves a front seat in the book.
Myntzi posts on 8/2/2005 1:23:43 PM It seems that Jon, Tyrion and Dany are emerging as the central characters on the "good" side of these novels. (Dany's storyline can get stale sometimes, I agree. The Undying ones chapter in particular had me snoozing, but as a dragon fanatic, I can't get enough of her children.) I have to assume that these three will be critical to all the remaining installments. Tyrion has a love for dragons, Dany is one, and I believe (if you've read my prior postings) that Jon is one as well on his paternal side. But I'm curious about the "bad" side. The Evil Dead... and the Angry Dead, while I'm at it. There's obviously good dead (Cat, Dondarrion and Coldhands aka Benjen?), and bad dead. What's the distinction? What are the forces driving them?
don storm posts on 7/29/2005 11:03:44 PM What a blast. Jon Snow is the hero to me. There is no hero actually. Sansa? Arya? Yes. Maybe even Davos. There are no heros. Except Samwell Tarley. He brought himself up from nothing and survived.
James posts on 7/26/2005 10:07:56 PM Firstly, I would like to applaud George R. R. Martin for this addicting series of books. Secondly I would like to state my thoughts on the various characters in the books. Tyrion: Interesting and always changing, and one of the obvious favorites for any reader. His wit, intelligence, and pure stamina are endearing. Arya: She is my favorite so far, the dire-wolf in and out. She has lost so much, been thrown to the winds, killed when she had too, and survived impossible odds. I would wager that she trains with the faceless and becomes somewhat of a force to reckon with. Sansa: People that call this one stupid, are in themselves stupid and not grasping the obvious. She has been taught to act lady-like, but if you read what she is thinking, you know she is very smart. She will act at some point, and embrace the dire-wolf within her. She is a lady stark, and that makes her dangerous, smart, and when she is pushed far enough it will make for a very intriguing change in the story. Jaime: You love him, you hate him, and you just never know what he is going to do next. I as of the storm of swords, now like Jaime and have a feeling he will regain the honor lost when he betrayed Aerys. Dany: She is so intruiging, and a wonderful part of the story. I definately would not mind seeing her sit on the Iron Throne. She frees slaves, and tries to bring justice wherever she goes. Her and those dragons shall make for some interesting reading once they become big enough to lay waste to anyone standing in her way. Some may not like this, but I HOPE she wins. And I hope Arya finds her way to Dany when she trains as a Faceless assassin in Braavos. Should be interesting when those two houses combine together...I see it coming...
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