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Anonymous posts on 11/22/2013 11:14:47 AM The evil false rhetoric you two misfits blabber on and on about on a nearly daily basis is reminescent of the hatred spewed by Lee Harvey Oswald before he acted 50 years ago today.
Fairness Maiden posts on 11/21/2013 11:36:48 PM Another huge unacceptable power grab by Obama! Our military is sworn to honor and protect the Constitution ~ not the government. Why is Obama still in office?! Where is the military? Perhaps that is the reason he has forced retirement or fired over 160 top military personnel. May the de vil take Obama's soul soon, so America can heal. May God Bless this nation and protect us from the evil in the White House.
BUSHWON posts on 11/20/2013 7:51:21 PM See Libs, not everything in your Obama Zombie World is crumbling down in a stench filled heap of embarrassing Liberal failure. ZIMMERMAN GOT ARRESTED AGAIN! There's a silver lining. Sure, Obama's done. His signature achievement is not just a worldwide joke but will seriously hurt over half of the country which will most likely cripple Liberals for a decade and begin another conservative era like we had with Reagan. But again, ZIMMERMAN GOT ARRESTED! Enjoy this brief celebration, you have three long torturous years ahead while this DUMBO of a President that you elected continues to wreck the Democrat Party. HOOORAY!!!!!

Anonymous posts on 11/20/2013 9:54:54 AM Sociopath right wing hero George Zimmerman arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault with a firearm.
BUSHWON posts on 11/18/2013 10:00:03 AM This whole Obamacare/Liberalism/Obama imploding fiasco is like Disney World for our side, FM. And you're right, the Democrats are shedding young people at an alarming rate. If the GOP is smart and they get a young, inspirational candidate for 2016 that talks straight to them and promises to repeal Obamacare, we might just have a new generation of young conservatives voting Republican from now on. THANKS OBAMACARE! I didn't get YOU anything. LOL. What a great time to be an American. God Bless, FM.
Fairness Maiden posts on 11/18/2013 9:09:59 AM Isn't it amazing, Bushwon, that the youth of America on college campuses across the country are rejecting Obamacare. They feel pushed around and cheated. Thank you university, college students for saying no. After all they can stay on their parents until they are 26! Obama killing his own bill....Priceless!
BUSHWON posts on 11/14/2013 7:13:49 PM The President looked so sad and beaten today at his press conference... GOOD! He's done enough damage to our great country. Can't wait for him to become the catalyst for the demise of Liberalism. What am I saying? It's already begun. And Finally the media seems to have stopped $ucking up to this colossal loser. The honeymoon is over and so is the Presidency.
Fairness Maiden posts on 11/12/2013 8:22:38 AM What a wonderful disaster ~ 50K sign up for Obummercare! The healthcare of America is failing because of Obama and it's not the Repubs that will bring it down ~ it will ultimately be the Dems themselves running against it! What irony for Obama to face from his own once adoring minions. I am sure enjoying the downhill ride Obama is taking in the polls. God Bless you Bushwon and your family, we are going to restore our future one bill at a time.
BUSHWON posts on 11/7/2013 8:10:00 PM AMEN, FM! Well said. That is why the liberal cut and pasting moron needs to erase your statement. Becuase he knows it's true. It's ALL CRASHING DOWN IN A HORRIBLE MESS FOR THE MARXIST LIBS. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Obama will do more for conservatism and personal liberty than Reagan ever did. God knows what he's doing. God Bless your family FM. Keep up the good fight. It's all paying off!
Fairness Maiden posts on 11/7/2013 10:50:40 AM Here's my last post prior to the site idiot copy and pasting: It's become increasingly obvious that Obama is trying to walk away from his Obamacare debacle by blaming the Republican for criticizing it. Really moron-in-chief? You really think the public is that stupid that you can get away with it? You are being haunted by your own poor judgement. You should have been taken down with the fast & furious mess, but you scammed by. Then you tried to ignore the IRS and the NSA, but they just won't go away. To top it off we have new evidence that you threatened and ordered help to stand down in Benghazi. There is plenty to impeach you for ~ and it's coming. Your 2nd term is about to implode. Bushwon with some of the new revelations coming forward, even the Dems are looking to be rid of Obama to save themselves. My prediction is that we are going to get ready to impeach him soon, but Obama will go out of country and be the first President in history to defect his position and seek asylum in a foreign Obama friendly nations. God Bless you and your family, Bushwon. Our America is about to make a comeback! New subject: Was the Virginia election a huge wake up call or what to the dems. Cuccinelli was out spent 10 to 1 and came within a few points of winning ~ even with the dems meddling in the outcome by giving a third party funds. Liberal's are the scum of the Earth! They will cheat in anyway to bring on socialism. The sheep that follow are the poor, uneducated, the stupid, and of course the diehard communist/socialist. We have a clear path now ~ Obamacare is a bust and the economy. Let's hope the Repub. stick to it.
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