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Fairness Maiden posts on 7/28/2013 2:32:02 PM Are you enjoying Obama floundering after his pathetic speech on the economy. Only Obama can claim things are great while the American people think otherwise. ~And he says it to the youth who he thinks believe him! Have you see the Karl Rove report on how 6 seats are sure to be picked up in the Senate giving the Repubs the reins — finally. Let's hope the Repubs stay on top of this and don't let the Dems get away with vote cheating again. Once the Senate is taken then I predict there will be a huge push to Impeach Obama. I pray it all happens in time. God bless you and your family Bushwon, and God bless the American Spirit!
BUSHWON posts on 7/22/2013 3:57:18 PM FM, did you hear Zimmerman rescued 4 people in Sanford over the weekend, after their truck rolled over. THE MAN IS A HERO. It must be driving MSNBC crazy to have to report that. Maybe they won't report it, come to think of it. -- The Trayvon fiasco proved one thing: Obama has failed to do everything that he promised. From bringing us closer together to rescuing the economy to helping us become post-racial. It's all bull$hit. He's a pathetic failure.
Fairness Maiden posts on 7/22/2013 1:48:11 PM The media is making a huge deal of any gathering for Trayvon, which over 90% are organized by Sharpten, and they can't gather over a few hundred at a time. The media however claims thousands. It's pathetic. And nothing about the 57 blacks shot in Chicago this weekend with 10 dead. Amazing, isn't it? The fact that the Obamanation is still mentioning the case is proof positive of his intentions to keep race an issue for power sake. The man should have been impeached a long time ago. I'm sick of waiting. I hope after the mid term elections we are able to knock him out of office for his crimes.

BUSHWON posts on 7/20/2013 1:56:39 PM Stay safe out there in the land of the liberals, FM. Al Sharpton's day of racial rage is today. If you see any peaceful libs yelling and rushing at your car, make sure to hit the gas! Rioting iberals make the best speedbumps. -- BTW, did you see our Racist in Chief injecting himeself into the racial divide yet again. So glad we're so post racial now since we elected that a-hole. What a disaster he is. Can't wait for the midterms. -- God Bless, FM. Have a great and SAFE weekend.
Fairness Maiden posts on 7/16/2013 12:19:10 PM Welcome back! I hope you and your family had a wonderful vacation. Thanks for your concern. I always feel safe because I'm one of those right wing Conservatives ready to defend my family with God and guns. Oooow those libs hate to hear that don't they? Like you said they are running wild in the streets doing damage ~ and for what? Libs never come and go without leaving damage whether it's a picnic where they don't pick up the trash, a protest that for some reason gives them the privilege of damaging other peoples property or stealing it, or running a country where they set out to destroy it. Kool~aid Libs are the single most destructive group of morons in our society. Zimmerman's verdict was once again used by the left to incite their minions to spill into the street like the zombi's they are. These protest were organized originally by the DOJ after Obama gave his unnecessary opinion on "Trayvon could be his son," coupled with the media running with the story, which I'm sure was under White House directive. Bushwon we have the mid-terms coming up and I hope and pray they are soon enough to save our country. God Bless you and your family.
BUSHWON posts on 7/15/2013 12:07:40 PM Been awhile. Away on Vacation with the fam, FM. Hope your family is doing well. -- Well, the peaceful left is at it again: burning down buildings, assaulting police officers, and destroying personal property because they didn't get their way. And all spurned on, along with the racial strife, by our Racist in Chief, the big eared dumbass in the White House. -- SO GLAD GEORGE ZIMMERMAN WAS ACQUITTED. Big blow to the media, the libs, and Obama's White House that once again tried to tear our country apart along racial lines just to keep stupid victicrats forever angry and voting left. -- Stay safe in L.A., FM. I know your city is full of those destructive morons.
Fairness Maiden posts on 6/29/2013 4:12:51 PM Bushwon the biggest problem with the immigration bill is that Sen. Ted Cruz exposed a fine of $5000.00 to employers that choose American Citizens over illegal immigrants! Can you believe this sh!t? Check out Freedom Outpost, "We can’t possibly expect our Senators to read a 1200 page bill before voting on it. Can we? Well Thank God Ted Cruz read it."
BUSHWON posts on 6/29/2013 3:16:39 PM You're right, FM. This is why it's dangerous to fall in love with a politician (and their 'words') before we see them in action. I admit that I'm not exactly sure what's in the immigration bill. I haven't read it. I've mostly heard pundits on both sides argue the pro's and con's. I know the fence is the sticking point. But when Obama himself calls to congratulate you on the passing of the bill (Rubio), it's not a good thing (from a conservative point of view). And when Dick Schumer agrees with you (Rubio), that too makes me worried. We'll see how this pans out. But we still have Rand Paul and Ted Cruz showing us what true conservative leadership looks like. --The ball is still in our court. There's still a long time between now and 2014. And Odumbo's scandals keep growing. I know there 's a lot of talk about GOP infighting but wait until Obamacare kicks in, we will be unified when it counts (at the ballot box).
Fairness Maiden posts on 6/28/2013 8:12:50 PM Bushwon I am sad to say that we have major idiots that have lost their minds, their balls, or both. These are the RHINO's that have helped pass the pathetic immigration bill in the Senate ~ Flake (AZ), Murkowski (AK), Collins (ME), Chesa (NJ), Hoeven (ND), McCain (AZ) Hatch (UT), Alexander (TN), Graham (SC), Corker (TN), Kirk (ILL), Ayotte (NH). Heller (NV), and saddest of all a man who was one of my favorites until now, Rubio (FL). I don't know what happens to good men and women when they get to DC, but the American public is paying the price. What a sad state of affairs. Our country is being sold to the socialist piece by piece.
BUSHWON posts on 6/25/2013 1:09:00 AM FM, it is very telling that they don't even try anymore to defend him. Because HOW ON EARTH COULD THEY? What could they possibly say except: He's not Bush. The guy is officially the WORST PRESIDENT EVER. There's no denying that. And now the World is laughing at him. Even Ecuador is defying his order not to protect Snowden. ECUADOR! Who the hel! fears this moronic boy king? NO ONE. If it wasn't so sad, and dangerous, it would be uproariously funny. But yes, that's why Mr. Cut and Paster douchebag is up to his old tricks. WHAT ELSE DOES A LOSER LIKE HIM HAVE? Certainly not a family or a job. -- God Bless this country and the coming conservative revolution that will save it. And God Bless you and you and your family, FM.
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