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Fairness Maiden posts on 6/28/2013 8:12:50 PM Bushwon I am sad to say that we have major idiots that have lost their minds, their balls, or both. These are the RHINO's that have helped pass the pathetic immigration bill in the Senate ~ Flake (AZ), Murkowski (AK), Collins (ME), Chesa (NJ), Hoeven (ND), McCain (AZ) Hatch (UT), Alexander (TN), Graham (SC), Corker (TN), Kirk (ILL), Ayotte (NH). Heller (NV), and saddest of all a man who was one of my favorites until now, Rubio (FL). I don't know what happens to good men and women when they get to DC, but the American public is paying the price. What a sad state of affairs. Our country is being sold to the socialist piece by piece.
BUSHWON posts on 6/25/2013 1:09:00 AM FM, it is very telling that they don't even try anymore to defend him. Because HOW ON EARTH COULD THEY? What could they possibly say except: He's not Bush. The guy is officially the WORST PRESIDENT EVER. There's no denying that. And now the World is laughing at him. Even Ecuador is defying his order not to protect Snowden. ECUADOR! Who the hel! fears this moronic boy king? NO ONE. If it wasn't so sad, and dangerous, it would be uproariously funny. But yes, that's why Mr. Cut and Paster douchebag is up to his old tricks. WHAT ELSE DOES A LOSER LIKE HIM HAVE? Certainly not a family or a job. -- God Bless this country and the coming conservative revolution that will save it. And God Bless you and you and your family, FM.
Fairness Maiden posts on 6/24/2013 5:00:16 PM Normally I would ignore you, idiot. But I have to take this opportunity to laugh at you. Let me take a moment to wipe my tears of laughter away....Okay so, let me get this straight. Obama let guns walk across the border, he hasn't closed the border, under his watch and probably at his direction the IRS suppressed the rights of Americans, four heroes including our Libyan Ambassador died, NSA has been allowed to spy on us and know what we talk about while 11 million illegal aliens can't be located, he has become the weakest president in history and the world thinks he's a fool, he can't keep any of his election promises ~ oh except one that was forced through and hated by the majority ~ Obamacare.... plus his citizenship is once again under scrutiny because he LIED! He lies, his advisors lie, and his political hack Jay Carney lies on a daily basis. Excuse me I'm laughing at you again. Okay here we go. So all that I mentioned and much more shows what a weak moronic ego maniac lier we have in office, but since you can find a way to support him, because there isn't anyone left that but Kool-aid drinkers that do support him, you resort to your copy paste again. Hahahahahhha. Bushwon did you see what this liberal moron did?

BUSHWON posts on 6/24/2013 2:48:54 PM You know who's happy that the Zimmerman case is in the news? OBAMA. Because he knows his buddies in the media will cover the hel! out of it and try to sweep the many White House scandals under the rug. Well, it won't work. We're not going to forget Mr. Douchebag President. And this Zimmerman case and the leftist race mongers will remind America what a complete farce this whole POST RACIAL Presidency has been. You and your race pimps on the left are the REAL racists. And it's time WE THE PEOPLE put you out of business.
Fairness Maiden posts on 6/21/2013 1:42:04 PM Ted Cruz or Rand Paul are my current favorites also. As to what will the little bad boy O do once he loses the Senate and the House ~ my opinion is that he better hide somewhere, because the scandals aren't going away, he won't be able to stop us from drilling for our own oil and gas, and the rest of his policies will come under fire. Obamacare will disappear, gun rights will be restored and best of all I believe the proof of his citizenship will finally bit him in the @ss with the revelation of his stollen social security number, and fake birth certificate. Once these things finally surface in the lamb brain press impeachment will finally be an option because Biden will be taken down with him. Kerry will step in as a muted lame duck and become nothing more than a symbol until the next election. That my friend is how I look forward to it working out.
BUSHWON posts on 6/21/2013 1:12:47 PM Wish I could be there, too, FM. -- I just read some interesting articles about Odumbo's pointless European trip. It's just a general consensus on both sides now that Odumbo's finished. That's why Chris Mathews is blaming the BERLIN SUN for Odumbo's failures. With the stock market tanking, job claims rising AGAIN, destructive Odumbocare looming, the middle east in flames, AND THE ENDLESS SCANDALS, it is pretty clear that the GOP is going to clean house in 2014 and then the real fun begins. WHAT WILL THE PETULANT LITTLE BOY KING DO WHEN HE'S COMPLETELY NEUTERED? He will have a full on panic attack and go full Statist. Think about it: if he went after his enemies in 2010 with the IRS, EPA, NSA, and DOJ, WHAT WILL HE TRY TO DO AFTER HE LOSES BOTH HOUSES IN A TOTAL AS$ WHOOPING? I look forward to him going full 'Fidel' right in front of the whole country. The democratic party will never be the same. And then we get to usher in: Ted Cruz or Rand Paul (my new two favorites) as the next Ronald Reagan.
Fairness Maiden posts on 6/18/2013 2:32:02 AM Yes, Bushwon it is desperation time for the left. However behind the scenes they are manipulating the system in very scary ways. At a recent meeting here in CA Obamacare is being pushed through. They were overheard explaining to church staffs that they need to first and foremost register the homeless to vote. You can't tell them how to vote or how to register, they were told, but you can tell them which party has given them Obamacare. I feel sick knowing this is taking place in my state. Also Bushwon, Obama's minions are working to make it impossible to live in the suburbs. They are going to make it near impossible to get sewer systems, public transportation, or new road systems. This is their push to get us all round up into cities and redistribute the wealth. I find it impossible to see that anyone would support him. But as Jay Leno said, "Obama has impeachment insurance. It's called Joe Biden." However I want to end on a good note. My front yard faces a Joint Forces Training Base and we have a huge 4 of July Party every year. Friends and neighbors and sometimes just people walking down the street join us. We sit and watch the fireworks right from my lawn. Nothing in the world makes me prouder than seeing crowds of people stand and sing the Star Spangled Banner or hearing the Pledge of Allegiance. This year will have a special theme, we call NOBAMANATION. Everyone is wearing American Flag Shirts, or Anti-Obama wear. Wish you could join us.
BUSHWON posts on 6/17/2013 8:56:35 PM God Bless her, FM. Very wise in deed. It's great to have you back! -- You know, It's funny how leftists don't talk about Obama anymore. Have you noticed no one is defending him on this site anymore? That's why they're resorting to their old Bush hatred. It's all they have left. --Did you see on O'reilly the other day (when Monica Crowley was substitute hosting), a Democrat tired of defending Obama's indefensible multiple scandals and suddenly said: 'By the way, did we ever find the Weapons of Mass Desctruction?' Monica Crowley was naturally suprised by the comment from left field. She asked, incredulous: 'Really, you're going to Bush?'. And the democrat, made a stupid face and said: 'Yep, I'm going to Bush'. Monica shook her head and simply replied: 'Well, that says a lot' and she cut to commercial. -- They just have nothing more to say. It's desperation time. Everything is crumbling. And they know it.
Fairness Maiden posts on 6/16/2013 2:16:14 PM Hello, Bushwon, I was off visiting with my mom and sorting through her storage. I found some wonderful pictures and had my Aunt on my dad's side come up to see what copies they would like. Many were of their brothers during WWII. Mom really enjoyed looking at them with her sister-in-laws. Somehow the discussion changed. My Aunt blasted Bush for the wars , etc., ~ you know the typical left wing attacks. Well, my mom sat looking at pictures and listening. I could see she was getting tired and asked her if she wanted to go home. She loves her assisted living home and got up to put on her sweater. She said goodbye to my Aunts and said, "Your brothers would be ashamed of you if they were alive today. They fought against Communist like Obama. You better stop this craziness over Obama or we will lose this country!" My aunts said nothing. I just had to share the wisdom of a 90 year old with you. She may have Alzheimer's, but she still calls them as she sees them.
BUSHWON posts on 6/4/2013 10:32:46 PM FM, it is all anyone's talking about. Benghazi, IRS, spying on AP and FOX, Fast and Furious, Obamacare. They all have one thing in common: LIES. Not only will it set us up beautifully for 2014 but how can Obama possibly get anything else done, at this point? WHO WILL TRUST HIM? And the GOP have finally regained their balls. They're not going to stop digging. IT'S GOING TO BE A LONG HOT SUMMER FOR ODUMBO. Who knows what will be discovered at the end of this. -- But one thing is for sure: All of the scandals were orchestrated by the White House. I think it's so charming that the media is still trying to act like there's no way Obama knew (yet Bush lied about Iraq when 16 seperate intelligence agencies made earlier claims about WMD). But in this case: Obama is completely innocent. Reasonable people know that the Chicago Thug was behind all of it. NOW ISSA AND OUR GUYS JUST HAVE TO KEEP DIGGING UNTIL SOMEONE TALKS. We have 3 long years to go. The truth will eventually come out. And when it does, I sincerely hope it takes the Democratic party down with Odumbo and his crew of Chicago thugs. -- FM, I have a feeling that Odumbo's legacy is going to be: The man who replaced Nixon as the symbol of corruption and dishonesty. Congrats liberals! You were right: he's no Carter. He's NIXON.
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