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posts on 9/29/2006 2:22:53 PM I think he's an amazing author I've read all his books that are in my school libray and Iwant more! keep me posted!
posts on 9/26/2006 11:12:27 AM Gerald Morris is an amazing writer, and his book are VERY funny. i think many people agree with me that the best book he has written is The Princess, The Crone, and the Dung-Cart knight. Since Sarah is about as old as me, I find her very funny indeed, and I think it is Sir Lancelot's best book yet. Ariel also has a part in it as well,and she is a WONDERFUL character. In the end, when Sarah finds out she is King Arthur's niece, it makes me so happy, and i get so excited and just want to dance around my bedroom (where i usually read Gerald Morris' books) But i do find the Squire his Knight,a dn his Lady very exciting as well. Terence is just about my favorite character, and Gawain is too. I just hope Gerald Morris will keep on writing his wonderful books!
posts on 8/22/2006 10:06:18 AM Dear Mr. Morris, Thank you so much for writing these books. They have made my summer! My whole family is calling me "Bookworm" because I cannot put these books down.I thinks it's very cool that you're a pastor, my dad's a pastor too. My name is Sophie and I'm homeschooled by my Mom. She was really happy when I found your books because that is the time period we're going into this year. I'll be 13 and in seventh grade. OK. now that I've introduced myself lets get down to the point of this e-mail. I would like to request that if you don't mind please don't do the story of Lancelot and Guinevere. For me the reason I thought I didn't like the Arthur stories is just that storyline. This would ruin the whole story for me totally. As I said , this is only a suggestion. Again, thank you so much for using the gifts God gave you, Sophie P.S. My Dad was wondering, how in the world you find time to a pastor and a writer!

posts on 8/20/2006 1:35:07 AM We found this series while browsing for Arthurian books. I homeschool my two children and while we were studying the medieval period, we read The Squire's Tale and fell in love with it. The kids were asking for more so I did a search and found the rest of the series. Now we are waiting for the release of the newest book. In the mean time though we've read through the series together again! My favorites are Terence and Gawain. I get a kick out of the fiesty females portrayed in many of the stories. Gerald Morris promptly replied to my email asking about more books. He said he has to come to the end of Camelot sometime and will only have a few more books in the series. I suppose he is right but I hate to see it end! But we'll be looking forward to see what he'll write after that.
posts on 5/10/2006 1:15:52 AM I am 46 years old. My father gave the latest book (about Luneta) last Christmas to my "then" 11 year old daughter who was too wrapped up in CS Lewis to take interest. I picked it up, read it with extreme enjoyment and have just tonight finished my 6th (and authors 6th - my favorite so far - Dung Cart). I have saved "A Squires Tale" for last and I am amazed to find the books in Juvenile sections as they are so well written and layered in their insight and humor. I actually did not think my daughter would "get" half of the humor once I read the first one and so was not too upset that she hasn't read it yet. Now, however, after reading of Luneta's mother (and dwarf) and Sarah, etc., I see the series as so wonderfully celebrant of, and empowering to young girls that I simply must convince her (my daughter) to give them a read! I read a lot of mysteries, history, historical fiction and documentary books but I must say that sneaking these books in the past few months has been very stimulating - even better than the Dan Brown competition I had with my son (then 12) last year to read all 4 books the fastest. What is strange is that he really hasn't read a decent book since - but this could of course be attributed to his age - now 14. Here's hoping for more "Squirely" adventures in the future from a talented niche writer in my home state of Wisconsin! JMP
posts on 5/4/2006 7:30:11 PM If Gerald Morris makes another book will he talk more about new charecters or the same charecters. If anyone knows please let me know
posts on 4/26/2006 4:58:32 PM I have met Gerald Morris. Last week, he came to my school and told us about himself, his books, his inspiration, and stuff like that. Then he told us a story and he had so much energy! In one part there was a lady crying and he sounded like a lady crying. Also, he turned red when he like spoke loudly and stuff. It was funny. Then my teacher picked like 8 kids to go do a writer's workshop with him and one of them was me. He told us about this circle he uses to write all of his stories. It was cool.
posts on 4/21/2006 11:40:33 PM Morris wasn't borrowing things from Mallory, most of his books are directly based off of parts of La More D'Arther --Except for Sir Dinadan and and The one based off of Gawain and the Green Knight I believe. That is perfectly all right. That's what Arthurian novals are. Well not always based off of Malory particularly, but a patchwork of prevous author's ideas mixed up with their own. I mean I have my own version of Camelot that is probably heavily influenced by Morris --and a lot of other Arthurian writers. My sister has half a dozen different versions of camelot. The only thing that bothers me about Morris's Camelot is the way Agravaine and Gareth and quite a few other knights and ladies are too stupid to be redeemable without even being evil. It seems almost like mocking the code of chivalry (The Orkney boys happen to be my favorites) --and the plots seem to ramble a bit, but that just goes along with the light hearted tone. And I didn't say I disliked the Shakespeare alusions, I just expected him to give 'Ol Shakespeare credit in his afterwards letter (which I usually find the most enjoyable part)
posts on 4/21/2006 1:51:17 AM well, i guess you can tell from the title of this post that i am interested in e-mailing Gerald Morris. i loved the first book in the Squires Tales and want to ask him a question
katie posts on 3/29/2006 4:32:18 PM am i just dumb and slow or have any of you guys ever notice that in Parsifal's page Ariel says her father is i think Myddwen or something like that and in the authors note gerald morris say that that is the welsh spelling for Merlin?
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