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posts a message on 5/18/2006 5:11:34 PM When I saw this movie for the first time, thirty years ago, I was in college. The question posed by the movie for me was whether Brenda left the diaphragm in her drawer at home by accident (i.e., as an oversight) or on purpose, knowing that its discovery would sabotage her relationship with Neil Klugman. At age 19, I thought it had been an accidental oversight. Of course, now at age 50, I know better. She left it there on purpose! I used to wonder what happened to Brenda. Presumably, she did go home again. In fact, I think she probably finished Radcliffe magna cum laude, went to law school, and then got a job at one of a certain number of giant law firms in New York. I eventually worked at one of these myself, and met her there several times. But her character remains fascinating. I suppose I, too, was a little in love with her.

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