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Tabitha posts on 9/22/2005 10:14:16 AM Man, I can not even imagine how complex Dickson's mind must have been to come up with the thought and insights that he put in his book. It bogels my mind.
Tabitha posts on 9/6/2005 12:46:56 PM Mr. Wixon, I was wondering if I could ask what Mr. Dickson was like? And I know that you said that there were no more Dragon Knight books, but I was wondering if you might put the ideas that he had down like you did with Lost Dorsai? Thank you! Tabitha
Scott McGee posts on 7/15/2005 2:07:31 PM Are any of the Dragon Knight books available in ebook or audiobook format? I have the whole series, but due to circumstances, find more opportunity to enjoy a good book in circumstances where I can't open a physical book (work, for ebooks, commuting for audiobooks).

dew posts on 2/19/2005 6:51:23 PM can anyone please let me know what the chonological order of the childe cycle is. I am referring to the time order "in" the books, not necessarily the print order though that would be appreciated as well.
Tabitha posts on 1/17/2005 1:39:54 PM After reading the Fair Maid of Kent I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next (his books are very addictive) and when the next book in the series was going to come out. Then I found out he had passed away. It is such a shame that he wasn't able to finish the series. It is truly a magnificent story and he was a phenomenal writer. I haven't encountered very many writers that could draw me into the story and leave me carving more to the extent that he was able to.
David W. Wixon posts a message on 1/15/2005 11:53:36 PM Gordon did not leave any completed manuscripts for anything, either in the Dragon Knight series or in the Childe Cycle. However, he left some plans and notes (more for the Cycle). As far as the Dragon Knight: he left a series of scenes in writing, not enough for an entire book. And we spoke a time or two on his plans for ending the series, but I'm not aware that he ever put any of that on paper. The article in LOCUS following his death was largely written by myself, and was largely biographical and appreciative; it would do little to help you figure out where the Dragon Knight series was going... It may be that the series will yet be finished, but that must be a long way off. --Dave Wixon
ursawolf posts on 1/15/2005 7:44:44 PM Oh, I wish that were true. But I haven't heard anything about any follow-ups to The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent. I understand that there was an article in Locus following Dickson's death. I didn't read it; would anyone know what the article discussed, and if the Dragon Knight series was mentioned?
Tabitha posts on 1/13/2005 10:47:03 PM Does anyone know if Dickson wrote any more Dragon books that didn't get published before his death? If so is the publisher planning on publishing them?
Ursawolf posts on 1/12/2005 11:59:32 PM Unfortunately, the book review as placed on this site has some errors on it. The first paragraph should read: "Jim Eckert, the Dragon Knight, is dismayed when Sir Brian, his best friend, takes up the lord's offer so that he can earn the eighty pounds his betrothed's father demands as a bride price." I guess they don't just copy-and-paste the reviews to this site. That's okay; I just wanted to correct a major plot point. Not that Sir Brian couldn't use the money, but he definitely wouldn't go about it that way!

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