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sarah posts a message on 5/10/2009 8:41:47 PM awesome this is my first grease message board and i am the biggest grease fan in the world i sware
sarah posts a message on 5/10/2009 8:41:45 PM awesome this is my first grease message board and i am the biggest grease fan in the world i sware
mika posts a message on 10/24/2005 8:06:58 PM Hi, does anyone have a descriptive outfit of Frenchy's outfit in the Beauty School Dropout scene? I lost my Grease videotape, and I don't have time to rent it!! I am going to be her for Halloween but I need to see her outfit! help!

EC posts a message on 5/4/2005 1:30:04 PM The car driven by Kenickie (and later Danny) is a white 1946 Ford Coupe Convertible (with custom lightning bolt paint job). The fantastic "Gresed Lightning" was a creation of car customizer George Barris. I hope this helps.
Karen Harborne posts a message on 5/4/2005 1:10:11 PM I am organising a Grease event and wondered if anyone out there knows where I can hire a mock up or a car that looks like the T-Birds car?
Gordon posts a message on 3/23/2005 10:47:17 AM I am going to show Grease and have a party with a sing along and we'll dress up like the characters, etc..I am right outside Philadelphia.. Anyone have suggestions where I might find the Grease fans around my area? Websites, message boards, etc?
Eddy C posts a bold assertion on 2/25/2005 1:16:53 PM On the DVD, it looks like the blurred out sign is first seen in Chapter 7 (42:40). I think it is a Coca-Cola ad. Could be that Paramount didn't want to pay Coca-Cola a licensing fee for the use of their trademark (or something like that).
Neva posts a message on 2/24/2005 1:21:50 PM What the heck is the picture in the background at the Frosty Palace?? Even on HBO, ect, they blot it out... any guesses??
Kate posts a message on 2/22/2005 8:22:21 PM Dear Grease Fans, My husband and I have long been fans of this excellent film, especially due to the amazing performance of a background dancer. We have lovingly nicknamed him "cricket boy" because of his dance antics in his most prominent scene, the dance sequence for "We'll Always Be Together" at the Senior carnival. In this scene, he is wearing a lime green polo shirt and light pants and he has greased hair with a curl up front. You will notice him (if you haven't already)doing a dance in which he makes hand puppets and looks like he's chatting with them as he dances. Over the years, we have noticed his continued presence throughout the movie (another example: just behind Chacha right after the Rydell High theme song in the gym dance sequence, sticking out his tongue rapidly like a frog). Does anyone know the name of this fabulous artist? We'd love to know what happened to him, so if anyone has any information about Cricket Boy, please pass it along :) Thanks! -Kate
CK posts a message on 2/11/2005 7:19:43 AM Can anyone tell me the words that the beaver sings on the commercial that Jan imitates?
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