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Mandie posts on 11/29/2005 7:11:26 PM Well Sarah, I'm reading Son of a Witch right now. I've just finished reading Wicked and yes, I agree with everyone else. Gregory Maguire is a genius and I LOVE his books. Not that it matters much but since every one else has added there age I suppose I should to. I'm 18. Son of Witch is about Elphaba's son Liir and his life after Elphaba dies and a girl named Candle that sits next to him and nursing him back to health while playing hear Domingon. ( not sure yet what happened to him, I'm still reading it.) Which brings me to a question of my own. Will someone please tell me if anyone knows what a Domingon is?..because I've looked all over for a definition and I can't find one. It's says that it's a type of instrument but I don't know what it is. Thanks so much. I hope I've helped you Sarah.
Pam posts on 11/18/2005 4:51:55 PM Dear Mr. Maguire, I am hoping you will come back to this message board and see some of the wonderful tributes to your work. Wicked was an absolutely amazing piece of literature. I love the life you gave Elphaba, her integrity and passions were so well described.THANK YOU!! Pam
Jake posts on 11/17/2005 12:06:28 PM Hell Mr Macguire. My name is Jake living in Colorado Springs Colorado for ten years. I have been reading Wicked since the beginning of last summer and I love it. It is such a good book about the other side of ones perspective. The Witch of the West is looked apon as the pinnacle of evil but you have given me a new site to her. When I was young my sisters would watch the wizard of oz and when the witch came on I would coware in fear but now I feal bad and sorry for her because her horrible life. It is so interesting how changed the pinnacle of evil to a peace fighting maunt. Mr Macguire, i am 13 and I love your work. I would also love it if you would reply to me because I would like to now how you got your inspiration of the story. Your new found friend Jake

Jack posts on 11/7/2005 2:59:19 AM Mr Maguire, I know you've been known to visit this board on occasion, though apparently not for some time now. Just the same, in the hopes that you'll return, I have a question I'd like to ask you. You give Elphaba a singing role in the book, when she and the others from Shiz are out celebrating Ama Clutch's life I think it was. You use the following sentence to describe her song:

"Elphaba made up a little song on the spot, a song of longing and otherness, of far aways and future days."

Maybe I'm just being a whimsical fool but I can't help wonder if the first line of that song was, by any chance, "Somewhere, over the rainbow . . . "

Victoria posts on 10/7/2005 1:24:01 PM I've read the book and absolutely love it, and I was just wondering if anyone has seen the musical? Did they change a lot of things from the story? I've heard the music and it sounds really great.
Drake posts on 7/26/2005 3:37:07 PM I boutht the book ten years ago and to be honest, it took me that long to finally finish it. Normally I have a book read in a matter of a day if not days. My sister, a neocon of the first order actually gave me the mucical on cd for Christmas. I normally loathe broadway musicals but I listened and liked most of what I heard. That brought me back to read the entire book this time. Mr. Maguire said that he hoped people would see the similarities (paraphrased) between George one and two currently. I saw them immediately, before even reading further on Mr. Maguire or any of his interviews. I suppose what took me so long to finish reading this book was that I relate to Elphaba far too much. Her line in the book, "good is abberent" about sums it up for me. How many of us out there are really green on the inside? The book is so thought provoking that I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Even my neocon, gay hating, Bill O'Reilly loving sister enjoyed it. She didn't understand it but it was very entertaining for her. (eyeroll, I'm ready to turn green now)
Jennifer posts on 5/24/2005 9:29:15 PM Wednesday, June 1 at 12:30 pm Gregory Maguire, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West BRYANT PARK READING ROOM WORD FOR WORD - Lunchtime Readings in the Park Located at the Bryant Park Reading Room between 5th and 6th Ave outside in the park. Rain venue Coliseum Books across the street from the park. Gregory is hard at work on his new novel to be published this fall. Come hear an excerpt from his upcoming release and meet the creator of the Tony Award winning Broadway musical Wicked. Call 212-803-5890 for more information
Callie Person posts on 5/6/2005 10:12:52 PM I had just read the book Wicked,and I found it fascinating! I am only 14, and I was able to understand it! The only thing I wonder about is this; that picture where the Wicked Witch is melting, you can only see the backside of Dorothy. Does anyone know if her hair is in braids, or pigtails, because in the prologue it said pigtails, but I don't know what to think!
Courtney posts on 4/26/2005 8:19:13 PM I am a high school senior about to graduate and for class reading I chose Gregory Maguire's book, "Lost." My mom is definitely a book person, so I went through her boxes of books and found Lost. I thought the cover was so cool, that I just had to open it. It turns out the book was just what I was looking for, a little bit of wierdness, sex, murder, and mystery. This book was totally awesome, and I would recommend it to anyone.
Katy posts on 4/20/2005 2:56:00 PM I have always loved the Wizard of Oz (both the original book by Baum, as well as the movie). As a young girl, I always wondered what was behind the Wicked Witch of the West's "wickedness." I always imagined that there was some reason for her to act as she did and I knew that if she was given a chance to speak up, that her unravelling story would be so very inticing! Gregory MacGuire depicted this story so perfectly! He gave the Witch a voice that still resounds within me! I was also highly impressed by the themes brought up by MacGuire, such as the root of evil as well as many others! The whole thing was a treat to read!!
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