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jessica posts on 6/9/2007 12:14:46 PM The only 2 things that I really couldn't figure out was the "Ol' Grady/Greedy" thing. But I like the first guy who posted's idea. Hmmm, but then the only thing that I don't get would be that for Mattie to be a baby at the time then Sophie would have to be like what? Four? Five? And plotting murder? But then, there is no doute in my mind that Sophie killed baby David (I'm assuming that that's who she was talking about in the quarry book entry) so she really could have done it. Oh another thing! I have no CLUE as to how Sophie could have gotten the mom to kill herself. It's been killing me no know this stuff! Oh well, I hope that Guy Burt writes more!
posts on 7/7/2006 1:46:55 AM Does anyone know if Guy Burt ever plans on writing another book? Or does he strictly do TV now? I hope he writes another book. Dandelion Clock is the greatest book of all time!
posts on 6/23/2006 10:16:46 PM i'm glad to know I wasn't the only one confused with all this. multiple sophies? suicide? AHHHHH.

darren posts on 9/28/2005 1:24:42 PM oh my gosh! i loved this book right up until the very end. i have so many questions. where did sophie go, did she die, what was up with the multiple sophies who is ol grady/greedy how did the mom kill herself and how did sophie know it was going to happen and give her four hours to do it, what did sophie kill at 4 a.m. in the morning in the quarry books. what was up with the keys and the cave. did everyone die?was matthew and sophie sexually abused by ol grady. what the heck was up with the coat. this book was awesome but the author killed it at the end. i'm trying to find out where he lives so i can ask him all this
kodi posts on 9/19/2005 12:35:56 PM I thought this book had good petential but left out way to much i was left wondering who ol grady was and what was going on with the whole multiple sophies thing. I really just want to ask the author what everything meant in the book.
andrew posts on 5/31/2005 6:06:48 PM ... i got the impression that sophie had been inscructed by her mother to kill mattie when he was a baby... and that she tried to kill him (dressed in the coat), but couldn't go through with it it, which is why mattie has terrible asthma - surely a memory of suffocation? - and that sophie has always been able to bribe her mother with this knowledge. sophie herself has been unable to live with the guilt of what she did and wants to kill herself, but waits until mattie is old enough to fend for himself... so in a way she's a tragic heroine... but who knows? it's a mystery... (would love to know what author intended though)
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