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Robin posts on 11/1/2007 6:51:16 PM If you have not read Harlan Coben's Gone For Good please don't read this. Who is Cray Sping in the newspaper article at the end of the book???
snuffles posts on 8/19/2007 10:42:45 PM oemg these are the most amazing books that i have ever read. my friend told me about them a couple of years ago and i finally got one for myself and i just can stop reading them. after i finish reading Just One Look i plan on reading the bolitar series because everyone seems to love those and in reference to someone who poster before the kay hooper books are really good. ive been reading them a little longer then coben and i just love them so much but i basically love any mystery novel but these are my too favorite writers of all.. so anyone who is just passing by the board i highly recommend reading this author because hes an amazing writer!!!
Lisa F. posts on 3/18/2007 8:55:29 PM Harlan Coben is such a wonderful writer. I have read most of his books so far (the newer ones) and his books contain lots of detail and at the end when you finally find out who did what and why you are like oh my gosh

posts on 5/24/2006 9:55:40 PM if you like these books i recommend reading kay hopper or hooper i forget which because it is late and i am drawing a blank. but the books are really good and unpredictable. they are mystery and i love them so much
al posts on 9/27/2005 2:41:12 AM DO NOT READ THIS POST IF YOU HAVEN'T READ "GONE FOR GOOD". ok...i was finally able to finish the book, but i did so in pieces. so when i was reading the epilogue, i was left confused as to what the newspaper clipping is in reference to. for some reason, the name Cray Spring seems familiar to me but i don't remember if the name was mentioned earlier in the book or it just has a totally different meaning. i have an idea, but i would appreciate some help on this. i really don't have the energy to skim through the book and try to jog my memory. the book has already taken me on a wild ride. thanks!
annie posts on 3/20/2005 9:35:23 PM Natalie: I'm guessing too - but see if this helps: I just finished reading Tell No One. (1) I assume Eliz. was at work when Back killed Scope. (2)Remember as Eliz. was working with B. Scope, he became aware she was digging deeper into family-secret info.and reports it to his Dad. Ole Eliz. pushed ahead, learning too much about his secret (druggie) charact., Brandon figures to snuff her out before Dad sends in the goons. I may be wrong about this part: Doesn't Eliz. come home (Beck having ran off), finds murder/mess, She's pretty sure Beck did it - decides to take the rapt for him? - calls Dad/Hoyt instead of police - He "takes" care of it". Here is where he frames the already-in-jail thug that Eliz. happens to know and so she alibis him - Only I'm not sure either how Hoyt made Scope, Sr., aware of Brandon's death and his body if not in Back and Eliz.'s house. Lota info. in this book to keep up with. (3) I believe Hoyt was already desparately guilt-ridden and he knew Scope sr., was going to kill him anyway. Least he could do was spare daughter. He was aware his car and Beck were wired. He ahd to make sure Scope would finally leave ELiz. alone after they killed him so he implicated himself. He couldn't just "confess" - they would never but that. It wasn't really a sacrifice. They were gonna kill him anyway. It definitely gets complicated. But that's what makes it interesting. I, too, wish I understand some of the twists a little better.
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