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bracknells best... posts a message on 3/9/2006 2:02:10 PM spend too much time on the internet? Seriously comment on Henry V message boards... Well we at getalife4u are always on stand by to call 0800 blah blah... and oh yeah i was trying to keep the theme with the name thingy...
basildon bird posts a message on 12/5/2005 1:05:32 PM who thinks kenneth branagh is soooooo fit he well nice
basildon bird posts a message on 12/5/2005 1:02:43 PM that film was excellant i loved every minute of it it was so exciting and kenneth branagh was so hot in it and emma thompson was so convincing you felt like she was actully french i still think they should have stayed together i think they looked so happy together in the pics iv seen well jus gotta say great film by DIVA!!!!!!!!!

formally known as ampley proportioned tuna posts a message on 11/18/2005 8:57:18 AM isnt i ironic? (breaks into song) we've been pleading with people to join in the discussion but as soon as they do we become angressive, almost unwelcoming. its the colour scheme you see, purple matched my eyes... and now we r out of sync. its just not rite! id also like to formally apologise fir my spelling... its the key board i tell u! the buttons are against me, im not usually so inept. x
Rainbow trout posts a message on 11/18/2005 8:54:59 AM I was only introducing you COD I didnt actually ask you to speak now COD OFF otherwise you will be visiting the old pan of the toilet...don't make me do it!
Cod posts a message on 11/18/2005 8:51:53 AM *bows* Good evening ladies... I apologise for the fact that I am not as comically talented as my friends here, but at least I can type properly...
Canned Pink Salmon from John West posts a message on 11/18/2005 8:50:54 AM Ok from the name you can probably guess I work in a supermarket... or im just a tinned fish lover I cant help it...its the gills that do it for me Swim my friends SWIM!!! Neway I would like to apologise for my tunas spelling mistakes she cant help it she got a D in her results! (We shall ignore the fact I was the one to get the E. Please Don't cry for me...America... bit of a long note there!) I'm just in the library again my favorite place of residence except this time with two new inhabitants COD and PlAICE Please welcome them to the group everyone *applause* ok well I'm off now just remember folks don't be too hasty to go to the fish 'n' chip shop now...think of us!! Ok splash out x
ampley proportioned tuna posts a message on 11/18/2005 8:42:56 AM though id staff off a new food chain there... its been a while compadre's (or spelt similarly) we have moved from the world of shakespeare to the wonderous place where murder, sex and money reign supreme. No i dont mean my bedroom on a staurday nite *alas* but Carol Anne Duffy. What an interesting woman she was... im not sure thats true im just fancied saying it. Well ive passed the buck (wahey! a rabbit type pun!) and now im moving on. Adeui x
Gollum type creature who eats maggots posts a message on 1/25/2005 7:08:20 AM Ok.. i cannot believe you said that about you know who being you know what... Neway, similar to your fettish of brackets, I am one for talking to myself as well as having lots of ... It creates suspense and tension for those who wish to know what happened next. Yet again we are doing english but this time researching a guy named Keats. What a great guy he was I knew him well.. in fact I am him!!! shock shock horror horror! Maybe if the Americans thought we were famous then they would talk to us. No, no reply still? What a suprise!OK this gollum type creature must go find the ring my preccccciiiiooouuusss hehe.. over x
nasty maggot type creature... posts a message on 1/17/2005 4:23:05 PM how pleasent...i bet i ooze too (ooze what tho? hmmmm suggestive...) its nice to see that you are quite as ridiculous as myself...gee (note the americanism) i love being english....strange but true (featuring ang...for all those advert or "commercial" oigh... buffs out there.) hmmm...where to go with this mindless drivel? if there is anyone out there they may have noticed the cunning linkages with our names (damn we're sad..its a strange thing when u have named your walls...and there would be the joke about not getting out much.) In conclusion i have a strange fettish for brackets and all other punctuating faux pas'. oh miss fellows (our english teacher, resident lesbian and henry the fifth essay setter) could tell you some stories *wipes away tear in old man recalling his past style*. Maggot type creature
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