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Hal Pritzker posts on 3/13/2006 12:53:16 PM First, I'd like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Goldman's outstanding bio of the Great Entertainer of all-time, Al Jolson. Now, above, is my e-mail; I would like you to pass it on to Mr. Goldman. My boxing-oriented novel, EVERY SUMMER, was just published, and I'd like to make Mr. Goldman aware of it. I have just completed a screenplay adaptation, and would very much like to send him a copy of both the book and screenplay. I was hoping he could guide me to someone in the film industry, even an agent, who could at least take a look at the story. I believe it would make an excellent film. So if you could pass my e-mail on to him, I'd very much appreciate it. Perhaps, he would contact me. Thank you, Hal Pritzker

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