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cindy posts on 6/4/2008 7:55:59 PM I think Hillary stayed with Bill because she was thinking down the road about her career. About this election. Who really knows and who really cares. She makes me proud to be a women. Fourty years ago I couldn't have imagined a women running for the position of President of the US. Grow up KID!
Kim posts on 1/9/2008 8:25:02 PM Hillary, What can I say to you that will make you feel like I want you to feel. First I want to say that your husband disgraced this nation with his bull hockey actions. Second I want to say that to elect you as our president would be of great discord with me. I find you to be but a weak weak woman. How could you even stay with a husband such as yours and how could you allow the disgrace you did to your daughter? My god you had the ability to show women of this nation that regardless of who you were married to that no man can treat a woman like your husband did. But what you allowed him to control you and make you out to be a fool. How dare you try and project that you want to represent all women in this nation? I do not want your type of representation in the White house. I want someone who is strong, able to stand alone, able to tell her husband to leave, able to show her daughter what it means to be a woman. I do not want you weak ass in the WHITE HOUSE.

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