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anonymous posts on 3/26/2008 10:48:39 PM Hillary....stop going after Obama....instead bring up McCain and his weakness in the economy of this country and the middle class.
Anonymous posts on 3/1/2006 4:03:53 PM My theory is that Hillary is secretly a man and that is why Bill was forced to outsource his love. Maybe she had a sex change operation after Chelsea….
Z posts on 3/1/2006 2:08:41 PM If Hillary cuts her hair any shorter, do you think she'll be mistaken for a man? Also, do you think she will get a badly needed facelift before running for president? Her skin just sort of hangs there like jowls....

Denise posts on 7/3/2005 11:18:51 AM I was already a fan; but when I read her book, I was sold. The book was amazing and proved the substance of this wonderful woman. I was searching for her earlier writings on the defense of children referenced in the book when I found this site to post my opinion.
Vicky posts on 4/19/2005 2:23:06 PM I need reviews on Hillary R. Clinton's book.

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