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posts on 5/25/2006 5:44:13 PM I as well have read all of these (with the exception of the last two, which I am looking forward to reading very soon). Most of these novels I read as a child... I can remember checking on this FIRST to see if there was something new. Does anyone know if there is a possibility of any more of these being written? Being somewhat of a tech buff, I have always looked at her work as a kind of a wake-up call... and I would hate to see this (1995?) as the last of this excellent work.
Jan posts on 12/12/2005 10:37:30 AM I have read all of her children's books, some of them several times. I think they are some of the best SF written for young people (I was already an adult when she wrote her first book). I hope teachers and librarians will continue to introduce young people to these books. The two books that got me started as a SF fan when I was a kid are "Raiders from the Rings" by Nourse and "Runaway Robot" by Lester Del Rey. Oldies now, but goodies!
Jake posts on 3/3/2005 5:01:31 PM What is helen mary hoover's address. I'd like to drop her a line and tell her how great her books are.

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