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Holly Cook posts on 1/8/2005 10:47:04 PM I should have known Myles and Sabina's children would give me trouble, Charina - so while I fight with them and try to get them to do what I want, I'm in the process of finishing another historical romance with a watery theme!!
Charina posts a bold assertion on 1/2/2005 12:17:32 PM Oh that's great! So I hope we'll have another book from you soon???? Will it be the sequel to THE SEA WIFE? Charina
Holly Cook posts on 1/1/2005 8:02:12 AM Thanks for the thumbs up, Charina. Yes, still writing - again - after some health problems set me back. Life sometimes has a tendency to get in the way of what you love doing best. Regards, Holly

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