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Don Schimpff posts on 8/9/2005 1:31:41 PM This is TRULY the most boring, unthrillable, waste of 450 pages of pulp paper that I have ever encountered in my entire life and how it ever can be classed as an entertaining work is beyond comprehension. It dwells for hundreds of pages on the most trivial of irrelevant meaningless details of the life of a born "loser" who has no mind of his own but is merely dragged along with the thoughts and ideas of others who he calls "friends". My impression of this collection of TRITENESS is that the "authors" have played a Joke on the reading public by putting millions of monkeys with millions of typewriters into a sealed room for a month and "the rule of four" resulted. (It doesn't warrant upper case letters). They then called the results a "mystery/thriller novel". If they actually wrote this themselves then it can be classed as the failed attempt of two obscurant intellectual snobs to impress us with their knowledge of ancient TRIVIA that has no value to anyone unless you are impressed by the "name dropping" of ancient scholars, scientists and artists. I would only recommend this book to people I don't like, so I am not able to recommend it at this time. If you should read a review that praises this book, you can bet the farm that the reviewer never read it. The only reason I completed it was to punish myself for wasting the $4.39 that Costco charged for it. The REAL MYSTERY is how it ever got published.

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