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Joanne posts on 1/10/2009 2:57:09 PM I just read the new romance and not one of her books has kept my interest since "The Ugly Duckling." I believe she has lost the art of writing. I purchase each new book, hoping for a "can't put it down book, but to no avail.
kelly dean posts on 1/10/2009 12:08:27 PM I love the eve duncan series I have read all the books in the series and would reread them. I cannot wait until another book comes out. the ending to quicksand as unexspected. but am glad to have seen it end that way. Iknew it would happen but I thought it would before now. when does the next eve duncan book come out.
melissa posts on 1/6/2009 12:14:50 AM if u havent read count down yet they r together in that on and so but very little in killer dreams jane n trevor that is lol

allie posts on 10/19/2008 4:54:49 PM hey does anyone know if thee will be any more just about jane and trevor ?
Bonnie posts on 8/6/2008 12:49:34 PM Does Brad Silver or Kerry Murphy appear in any other books by Iris Johansen?
j jordan posts on 6/1/2008 3:04:53 PM Iris's book titled "The Ugly Duckling" was by far the best book she's ever written. None after or before have come close. I'm looking for a book to keep me interested as well as that one did. Iris, forget all the recurring people and bring something new to us.
Mary posts on 5/24/2008 12:00:24 PM I have just read my firt Iris Johansen book. I enjoyed many pages of the book however, not all of it. I was very disappointed with the introduction of the 'romance novel' story line. Reap The Wind has an interesting, strong plot. The novel did not need the 'fairy tale'.
Erin posts on 5/20/2008 5:38:49 PM Hey! I've just started readin Johansen'd books. I finished Fatal Tide a few days ago (Great!!!) and now I've started Firestorm. Do all of Iris's plots have that much similarity? These are the similarities I found: A strong, lonely woman with a troubled past thinks she's content until someone she's close to dies. Then a powerful yet sensitive male figure comes into the picture and helps this stubborn heroine but she declines his invitation until another tragedy occurs, then they join together and beat the villian. The also fall in love. The main female character also hads some aminal friend(s) near and dear to heart that she'll protect at any cost. I'm not insulting this author, she's a good writer. It just seems as though ithis author isn't that creative when itocmes to plot, even though the books do have some differences. Thanks!
Larry Tarshis posts on 5/20/2008 4:08:19 PM Will someone tell me what book describes how jane and eve met?
Ash posts on 4/11/2008 1:40:30 AM I started reading Johansen's books a couple of years ago, and I think they are great! I especially liked the Eve Duncan series, but I think she should bring in Trevor and Jane more. I want to know more about other characters as well, including Melissa and 'What's-his-name' from Final Target. I recently read Stalemate and loved it. I sure hope Montalvo finds someone, because I don't think he and Eve are going to be a couple. Eve really does love Joe. But definetely I want to know what really happened to Bonnie, which is why I can't wait for her next book, "Quicksand".
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