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joan bailey posts on 10/29/2009 4:51:37 PM hey just wondering in one of your books they have a funeral for bonnie and i bought the book and they are still looking for her what happened thank you its been bothering me
reader92 posts on 11/25/2007 10:54:16 AM Is there a sequel to "Finaly Target?" I can't find if there is or not.
Emiline posts on 7/3/2007 5:21:44 PM He hung himself??? now i'm gonna be depressed for the rest of forever. he's my Idol. seriosly. i was thinking about taking up his career choice.

Jen posts on 6/6/2007 2:55:01 PM Sean Galen can't die. Why would he hang himself. was he not happy?
heloo posts on 5/18/2007 1:09:42 PM what do you want do something and what is this chat thing about?
Joanna posts on 5/17/2007 6:27:35 PM I was also wondering where to find "Fire Lord." Did you find it Misty?
posts on 7/4/2006 1:21:14 PM I can't seem to find out if there is a sequel to Count Down. I left me hanging and I can't wait to read the next one. Is there one yet?
posts on 6/20/2006 6:39:59 PM Where in Firestorm did it say that Sean Galen hung himself? I don't remember reading that part.
posts on 6/12/2006 11:19:58 PM I was stumped on this one too, until I read the synopsis for Lion's Bride whcich is the same story. The name of the book was just changed.
posts on 6/6/2006 2:08:47 AM i've been trying to track this book down but can't seen to find it if you have any idea where to purchase it please let me know.
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