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posts on 7/9/2006 2:57:09 PM Man! My library has problems. There are about 5 series' I can think of where they only have maybe the first book, or the first two, in this case the first three. They don't have the 4'th one! It's so frustrating! You all might already have heard this, but she wrote Obernewtyn when she was 14! It was her first book. That is amazing to me, but the thing that is most amazing is that I keep hearing about so many authors who wrote their books when they were pretty young, like Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (Hawksong is wondrous!), and Christopher Paolini (even if his books aren't the greatest things in the world). And then there's my sister who wrote her first book at 14, though true, she doesn't like it anymore (I rather think it's perfectly good, though perhaps published for a younger audience). And within the next 3 years after, she's written 2 more books. Wait a second Katie, Isobelle Carmody thinks that if she finishes a series she'll die? WHAT? I got an Isobelle Carmody book out from the library a few days ago. It's called Night Gate, first in the Gateway Trilogy, which, AGAIN, I don't think my library has the rest of! It's horrible!
posts on 7/9/2006 5:08:04 AM My friend (a massive Isobelle Carmody fan who got me into her books) read somewhere that the reason that she hasn't finished a series yet is because IC has a fear that if she completes a series, she will die. Im just hoping she doesnt die before she finishes the books.
posts on 7/8/2006 9:03:18 AM Just wanted to put in a quicky. I found some more stuff on IC's books. There is; 'The Landlord' (By IC + Ken Carmody, mostly as illustrations i think), 'Dreamwalker' and a follow up to Little Fur called 'A Fox Called Sorrow'. I found 'the sending' with the date listed as 2006 but with no further write up so i assume there is no book yet. Also i discovered that the phoenix is a short story if that helps people search for a story i was unsure existed. Happy Waiting!!

posts on 7/5/2006 12:49:05 AM Yay! Can finally post!! Boo!! I cant take much more of the pushing back of realease dates! I was getting so excited, finishing uni and having the time to read the sending. Guess i will have to jet a job to keep me occupied :-)
posts on 7/3/2006 9:30:13 PM Hey Hank great to see you again. can you please get me at debbins at hotmail for a message from Vanda. Adna the keeping place is already out, has been for years, the one we are all waiting on is the fifth and final book, the sending. I just knew it was too good to be true that it would finally be out this year. cheers
posts on 7/3/2006 4:59:29 AM hi, deb! i've been trying to post for ages, but this site doesnt like my comp at all. i just got an email from denise at penguin publishing, to update me on the sending situation. unfortuantely, it has happened again... it has been pushed back to be published by march 2007. darkbane is not yet scheduled for publishing. disappointing, i know. btw, its good to see some old posters here. its a shame you dont get what we've been waiting so long for, yet.
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