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deb posts on 10/16/2006 6:48:18 AM hey all. to try and answer some of the recent questions...the four books out so far are, Obernewtyn, Farseekers, Ahlings and the Keeping Place, the fifth and final book is the Sending and is due out in March 07. we hope! Daffyd is in and out of the books and has a bigger role in the Keeping Place and according to IC will be important in the Sending. Darkbane is due to be released about a year after the sending and the third book in the wintergate series is in the works as well. IC has said that Ariel, Matthew, Daffyd, Dameon, Domick and others are definately not the destroyer although I still say that it very clearly says that Ariel is in the keeping place, and he is the one following Elf around on the dreamtrails, but he must be doing it for someone else, maybe Salamander. She has also said that Elf and Rushton will bond in the sending so who knows where that will go. cheers
posts on 10/13/2006 12:25:36 AM hey in the legend song saga glynn has an image of a feinna been trapped or killed in a trap u dontthink it could be the lil he-feinna been accidentally been killed by kalide wanting it do u?
posts on 10/11/2006 8:04:39 AM Do we have a date for the sending or darkbane?? i have been waiting since i was a kid and the wait is killing me? i want to know when the next one is out so i can re-read the other ones Thanks

posts on 10/8/2006 6:01:31 PM You don't think Domick could be the destroyer now, do you? Makes sense to me. . . I thought of Henry Druid for a while but that's a little obvious and I thinks he's finally dead and if he's not well then he's too ineffectual for Elspeth to really have to bother about. But until I read these posts I always just assumed it was Ariel, due to the, you know, not being particularly friendly and the like.
posts on 10/8/2006 5:45:18 PM Don’t worry, hank, you still beat me. I’m 14. I only discovered the books about 6 months ago and I got as far as Ashling. Our library doesn’t have the next book (forget what it’s called), which has come out right? I think someone told me it has, but I don’t remember. Does anyone know how long this series is supposed to go on? I only found out that IC was from Australia a couple months ago and it's so awesome! Cause there are all these Australian authors, and singers, and all these other people and every time I come across an Australian person’s work I always love it! Even before I know they’re Australian. I don’t know what it is. Hey deb, is Daffyd one of the ‘main characters’ (he’s not really That main) who IC said isn’t the destroyer? I’m really excited for the movie Eragon to come out. I think it’s going to be better than the books, though a lot of people hate me for that;)
posts on 10/8/2006 1:14:00 AM hi i have just finished reading dark song the second part of the legend song series and i cant seem to find any record of the third book darkbane so i wanted to no when it comes out cya
posts on 10/7/2006 11:47:39 AM HELLO! Im back! Yeah it was the same way with me Hank, I started reading them around 10 or 11. I always feel stupid going into the young adult sections that is secluded in a little corner of my library (Therefor everyone knows that you are looking at them!) Hehe But I don't really care... I just want the Sending to come out, but from what I hear its not coming out until 2007. Its not fair! I have been waiting for these books a majority of my life, I hope she gets them done before I am dead...
posts on 10/6/2006 11:57:51 PM i think im going to lose this age battle. im only 17, but i read the books when i was 12. seems like a long time when i say it like that. so i have every right to check the young adults section, even thought there is no point, since it is miniscule at my library, and ive read all of the books there. im into the adults stuff now, although alot of it isnt too great....
posts on 10/3/2006 9:14:35 PM well I think I beat you in the age stakes as I am 41. I own the books so I don't have to go to the library to get them and I really hope they don't put the release date back again. I can reccomend Tamora Pierce as a good fantast author. cheers
posts on 10/2/2006 7:42:40 PM 2nd year uni? I read obernewtyn when I was about 15. I'm now 24. I have finished a 4 year uni degree, and I'm still waiting on that book. The upside of having to go to the young adults section (in my book shop its in with the kids stuff) is that young people see you checking and it interests them. Also its inspiring to see so many new fantasy books in the young peoples section. Has anyone read 'Eragon' by Christopher Paolini? V good, and its being made into a feature film. Also I heard that "Where the Wild Things Are" is being made into one as well
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