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posts on 9/6/2006 11:42:06 PM to 'hello': why should we write so much info just so that you dont have to read the books which we are discussing? the point of these boards is that we havea common interest in an authors' work. if you have no interest, you have no reason to be here.
posts on 9/5/2006 11:22:50 PM can someone please write a chapter review for all of them ! so i dont have to read.
posts on 9/5/2006 11:22:49 PM can someone please write a chapter review for all of them ! so i dont have to read.

posts on 9/5/2006 8:59:04 PM yeah, i always had a this wayout idea that maybe the destroyer was brydda. i know it aounds weird. or gilbert (dude from druids camp). i think they are both possibilities.
posts on 8/1/2006 9:20:02 PM it actually names ariel as 'a' distroyer in TKP but IC has said its not him. she also says that Elf and Rushton would bond in TS. Garth's name has come up a few times as the destroyer or one of the other tecknoguilders as they are always trying to find stuff from the beforetime. IC ruled out lidgebaby, dameon and matthew, but who knows it could still be one of them.
posts on 7/31/2006 1:16:57 AM I felt the same was that tkp left Rushton and Elspeths relationship in a weird place. As for the destroyer I had a feeling it would be a little mentioned character that you wouldn't expect it to be due to the fact that you hardly noticed them....but then again, knowing IC it could be anyone, but it will be big!
posts on 7/31/2006 12:45:33 AM I think the Destroyer might try to use Rushton's blank slate mind as a way to hurt Elspeth but I dont think that I.C. is messed up enough to make him the Destroyer. Its probably Lidgebaby or something of the like because they are the only ones that can truely block or mess with Elspeth in any real way.
posts on 7/30/2006 8:19:30 PM although ariel is evil it's not going to be him it just can't be too predictable and we know IC is far from predictable. After Keeping Place Elspeth and Rushton just don't feel right together anymore! I know don't throw things just what I reckon sorry
posts on 7/29/2006 12:45:47 AM I live in Pa. USA, and I love the books as well. I had to order The Keeping Place from Austrelia in order to get it. I no longer hold my breath but instead read other books or practice my own hand at writing when I get really anxious.
posts on 7/28/2006 10:30:55 PM K there are a few from the states that love IC and obernewtyn. as for theories, we have had a few over the years. IC says Ariel is not the destroyer and that it will be a big surprise. I vote for him though as he is evil. I still have one copy of farseekers and one of the keeping place I can post to a good home. contact me at debbins at hotmail with an address, but remember if you are underage please get parental permission. cheers.
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