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posts on 9/10/2006 9:32:43 PM my grandfather and his brothers where members of the purple gang. my grandpas best freind was harry pierpont. when harry was excuted they cut his ring off before they killed him in which i am wearing now. from what i can find out, harry was part of the purple gang but i am unable to find proof of that. all i canfind was harry was with the dillinger gang. the ring i am wearing i was told by my mom and grandma this ring is a purple gang club ring. i was also told john and grandpa where child hood freinds. but again i cannot find any thing on this matter.jim cullison
Roger Hornsby posts on 6/19/2005 8:27:16 AM I just finshed reading The Pistoleer and i enjoyed it very much. The one thing i found very intresting about the book is the way Mr Blake wrote it. He wrote it as if he were taking interviews from people who knew John Wesley Hardin and for me that made it very intresting reading.My family history goes back to the 1860s in Comanche Texas and i could help but think. They were there when John Wesley Hardin was in Comanche. That was another thing that made the book so intresting for me. Sincerely Roger Hornsby
BOYD SMITH posts on 3/30/2005 7:31:40 PM I am now reading "The Wildwood Boys" and am enjoying every page. I read his book of short stories, so I know a little about him. I sent it to my brother, who is retired and wanting to do some writing. I gave it to him as an example of how to write an interesting story. I have read "Red Grass River" and couldn't wait to give it to a couple of friends from Florida to read. They loved it, too. I have the "Pistoleer" to read and am looking for the one about Pancho Villa. Haven't found it yet. I space his books out to the time when I want a really good read. JCB is one of my very favorite writers. Sincerely, Boyd Smith

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