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Danette Isaacs posts on 3/7/2006 6:18:46 PM I have read all of his books but love the Dave Robicheaux novels. I am originally from Lafayette, LA, so this takes me home. I just finished Crusaders Cross and cannot find out the explanation of one of the serial killers victim, why did she swallow her wedding band? Did I miss something?
Montana Mort posts on 1/14/2006 12:37:43 PM Read them both and liked them . . . Tattoo the best for me. Thanks for the heads up.
TJ Sackville-West posts on 1/14/2006 7:46:33 AM It happens. And the only question a writer has to ask is, 'If branding will potentially make me (and my estate) millions of dollars, why not go with the flow?' If the author doesn't ask that question, his publisher and agent will. Eventually, of course, a succesful brand 'creator' becomes tired of supporting his publisher, and agent and decides it's time to pack up and go fishing. Montana Mort! Did you even find anti-brand 'Bankok 8' ? TJ

Phil Jones posts on 11/10/2005 11:58:08 AM Sa femme,Annie,est tuee dans son lit pendant que Robicheaux est sorti la nuit pour reflechir dans son 'Bait Shop'.L'incident a lieu dans le roman 'Heaven's Prisoners.'Par consequence,Dave porte un profond sentiment de culpabilite. A propos, je viens juste de finir 'Crusaders Cross.'Ca vaut la chandelle!
LLOYD posts on 11/9/2005 8:45:06 AM Big fan of Burkes and have read all his books except Crusader's Cross, which I will shortly. Question, in which book does Robicheaux's wife death occur? Thanks
Bob Daniels posts on 10/29/2005 1:14:24 PM They stand alone just fine. I actually started abot in the middle with "Sunset Limited." I've since gone back and read all of them sequentially -- both Robicheaux and Holland novels -- and that's beneficial in observing how both JLB and his characters have developed and matured over the years. Burke is not only the best novelist on the planet today, he is, in my opinion, a genius.
Montana Mort posts on 10/29/2005 1:12:41 PM You can read any JLB's novels anyway you can get them and really enjoy. However, with his Dave Robicheaux series you would probably do better if you could start at the beginning and stick close to the sequence. Dave has many ups and downs,two or three wives, and moves around a lot. At any rate, I think James Lee Burke writes powerful novels, is the best in the market today, and has no real competition. I envy you the pleasure of getting to start reading his many novels.
Jpea posts on 10/29/2005 12:18:00 PM Should the JLB books be read in sequence or are they all stand alone? I just discovered James Lee Burke when I read my first JLB book, Heartwood. What a wonderful writer and a wonderful book. I can't wait to read all of his books. I live in Texas and he had such a gift with describing the beauty of Texas.
bill cover posts on 10/7/2005 3:12:54 PM Why was andre bergeron the baton rouge serial killer. What was his motive?
Montana Mort posts on 9/23/2005 12:55:55 PM Without a doubt JLB is my favorite author and if you like him, then I think you'll enjoy reading Peter Bowen almost as much. It's kind of funny in that Bowen has been writing about Montana for several years now and I just started reading him a few weeks back. His writing is somewhat lighter than Burke's and his main character, Gabriel Du Pre has a much better sense of humor than Dave R. The supporting cast of characters are all pretty good as is the case with JLB's. Give Bowen a try . . . first book was Coyote Wind, second was Specimen Song. Enjoy.
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