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Inkrose posts on 5/28/2007 8:53:46 PM We're up past 4 million now! SAVING THE WORLD AND OTHER EXTREME SPORTS IS COMING OUT TOMORROW!!! =D (I think that's what it said, unless they meant 2008)
sore from clicking posts on 5/15/2007 4:35:13 PM Up to 3,404,711 Just FYI The movie won't start filming until five million clicks are achieved.
sore from clicking posts on 5/15/2007 2:15:12 PM Anyone who cares about max ride being turned into a movie please help click as many times as you can on Currenty we're at 3,401,516 and we need 5 million. Check out Fang's blog on the site too it's worth it.

Rachel posts on 12/18/2006 8:20:02 AM is it just me, or is Max annoying beyond all belief?
Beckz posts on 11/10/2006 2:22:51 PM I am 12 and i think Maximume Ride: The Angel Experiment is da best book in da world Icannot wait to rea the next 2 and see the movie which is hear is a work in progress. I read dis book in a day, I just couldnt it down. There should be more books lke this
posts on 5/8/2006 3:41:41 PM I loved the last chapter. I almost died when it discribed how they flew for their parents.=)
posts on 4/30/2006 10:27:21 AM Wonderful love story. Sad, inspirational and moving. Makes you realize you have more than you ever thought you had. I need more books like this one.
posts on 4/26/2006 3:11:15 PM i loved the book but i was so shocked when i found out max was a girl
hannah posts on 3/31/2006 6:18:25 PM I love the book Maximum Ride:the angel experiment! I was looking for a book to get for my birthday(im a big reader) and this one caught my eye. I read this book in 2 days! It's totally auesome! Some many twists and I love the charactors. This my fave book ever and I'm going to save my b-day money to get the next one. Keep these books coming!
Anonymous posts on 1/3/2006 2:44:15 PM John Jack&Jill is what you want to read next.Enjoy.
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