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will posts on 12/2/2005 10:03:42 PM The Redfield are making their movie on the Celestine Prophecy I only wish they would tell the world that the "mysterious priest" in C.P. is Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. (Teilhard for short) A french priest, scientist, paleoanthologist, philosopher who helped find Peking Man bones is China part of the missing-link in evolution. That's why the Catholic Church at the Vatican banned Teilhard from publishing his books on evolution and christianity hence the "manuscripts" of the C.P. are the real manuscripts of Pierre Teilhard's writings that is why in C.P. "many priests read and circulated the manuscripts" Yes,indeed Then Redfields used Carl Jung's concept synchronicity only called it coincidence in C.P.along with Teilhards idea of the convergence of humanity throught self consciousness which Teilhard says is the leading edge of universal evolution called the noosphere an example is the computor. Redfield got this idea from Ira Progoff that what was missing in Teilhard's philosophy was Jung's concept of synchronicity the rest is history The Redfields are in San Francisco on Dec.6th to tout their movie and discuss (get this)synchronicity as they now call their former term coincidence which was always the incorrect term coincidence will lead you nowhere whereas Jung's synchronicity is based on the numinious experience of religion and spirituality The Redfields are some of the slickest con-persons in the new age world If they would only tell the truth that's its Teilhards ideas that fuel the story line of Celestine Prophecy and could explain God's Intelligent Design will

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