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posts on 6/16/2006 5:49:21 PM I am very sorry about your loss. I have just finished reading your trilogy again and I picture a blue heart with red tears and dragons crying. My sympathies, and I wish you strength. It amazes me that you have communicated through this message board, I think its great that you care and will respond to your fans thus (not to mention the technology). With eager anticipation we look forward to the new book, however far away that will be. Your fans love you.
posts on 6/14/2006 8:50:52 AM Thanks, Lise and Kierleran (what GREAT names. I may steal them for a story some day!) Jane Yolen
posts on 6/14/2006 8:23:55 AM Dear Jane Many, many years ago I found Dragon's Blood. Over the years I have read and reread it, and never realised there was a sequel. And now there are two! I am hoping that if I leave them around my daughters will read them too. I love them because they are about strength in adversity, and the knowledge that whatever happens, you still go on. It's a lesson that has supported me through the stillbirth of my son, and the more recent death of my mother from cancer. It is clearly a message that you already recognise and understand. For you all - take care of each other, and one way or another, you will go on. Lise Summers Australia

posts on 5/31/2006 10:07:34 AM Im sorry about your famaly illneses. (forgive me if I misspell horrible at typeing worse at writeing.) I love your Pit dragon books. I found them in the library and had to get them at boarders. I cant wait till it comes out and hopefully it wont be the last. I like the new book and searched for a while hopeing You had finished it. Please tell us when you finish!
posts on 5/15/2006 11:47:14 AM I was working on the book, about a third done, when my beloved husband's cancer came back. Spent the next ten months nursing him. We had been married over 44 years. He died holding my hand on March 22nd. Obviously I am not writing the book right now. If I feel up to it, I will get back to it this summer. But even if I finish it by Christmas time,it will be a year at the earliest before it could come out. Am shooting for '08. Jane Yolen
posts on 5/12/2006 11:37:18 AM but when is "dragon's heart" coming out?could any1 tell me??!! PLEASE?
Jane Yolen posts on 1/8/2006 8:05:24 AM Hannah--the important thing to remember is that you need not finish everything you start. But if you don't finish ANYTHING. . . I have many false starts and half books in my files. Often those are important to me in figuring out where a piece is going. Good luck. Jane Yolen
Hannah posts on 1/8/2006 7:17:33 AM Hello, I like dragons and I got your trilogy set for Christmas and they were a brilliant read thank you very much for making them! Sorry to hear of family illness. I hope you get the fourth book published - I can't wait for it. I am 13 and like to write stories myself. Can you give me any tips? Love Hannah.
janeyolen posts on 12/5/2005 8:30:41 PM I am uncertain as to what your post refers to. What did I write in HERE BE DRAAGONS that you are asking about? Jane Yolen
Zach posts on 12/5/2005 7:09:05 PM I just wanted to know if you realy felt that way about what you wrote in the book Here There Be Dragons?
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