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posts on 8/2/2006 3:23:00 PM hi everybody. has anyone of you read catcher in the rye? i'm not quite sure whether i want to read it ore not.
Will Hochman posts on 1/20/2006 8:47:44 PM Yes, I think they were in love, but not m-f love so much as father-daughter love. I think only love could have cured X and also served as The narrator's "epthalemium" (poem or story celebrating a wedding). What really gets to me is how clearly and almost silently Esme understands and cures X, and X (The Narrator) understands his loving role as father (in a slight way) who is chagrined and maybe a bit jealous of a daughter's fiance...Love is a complex thing and I think Salinger explores it incredibly in this story. With not too much critical squalor, Will
Amber posts on 1/17/2006 6:49:39 PM This story is now one of my all time favorites.. Did any of you get the feeling that Esme & Sergent X were in love?

csilias posts on 1/13/2006 7:47:15 PM Does anyone know the significance of 'Connecticut' in the title?
kristen posts on 11/10/2005 2:45:19 AM i really need some good summaries on the nine stories book its very confusing and maybe with a summary i will understand it better can some one help me fast pleaseee!!! thank you kristen
Ezekiel Steiner Zeke posts on 10/10/2005 3:08:31 PM Is he still writing? Is everything going to be published posthumously? Ezekiel Steiner
Knopf posts on 6/1/2005 8:29:20 PM Remember the hunting hat in the very beginning of the book. Its a symbol that Holden is searching or "hunting" for something (a goal, value of life). As for the ducks and the question of where and why the migrate correlates with the hunting hat. In that Holden is searching as the ducks search and he feels he is never really ever home.
Seemoreglass posts on 4/18/2005 11:24:32 AM I didn't understand any of the stories in the Nine Stories. And about "For Esme - With Love and Squalor", was Esme a German spy? I suspected something of this nature when she said that he was the eleventh American she had met and that she will write to him first. My suspicion was confirmed when Sergent X talks to his friend about the shooting of the cat, that the cat was a cleverly disguised German spy, and I even thought that the watch in the parcel sent by Esme was a bomb, but the reason it didn't blow off was because it was broken during shipping.
Dana posts on 3/24/2005 9:20:57 AM okay to be honest, i didnt care very much for the book, actually i found very dull and repetitive. i mean i know that holden has a romantics outlook on life, meaning he loves children because of there innocence, and becasue they are less corrupt by society, and dislikes his peers, because they have conformed to society and so on, but it just doesnt make for a good book. first of all holden is not special. hes just a kid who gets kicked out of school all the time. hes not original and hes just a "phony" as everyone else anyone whos read the book can see how much he contradics himself and i know everyone seems to say "well thats the point of then book", well then the point of the book is stupid. maybe if holden had really been original, and really hadnt been corrupted by society, then it might have been a good book. but really hes just a teenager who cant stay in a school. hey, there are plenty of kids in my school who cause disturbances, but no one calls them brilliant, or writes books about them, because their not brillaint and neither is holden.
Laura posts on 2/8/2005 12:59:58 PM Well everyone seems to really enjoy this book except me. I thought the book was boring sometimes it was funny. The book is just about some kid that sees everyone how they really are a phony and gets kicked out of school and wonders where the duck go during the winter its just boring and stupid.
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