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Laura posts on 10/11/2011 11:09:11 AM I agree with most of you about the endless caves and repetition of events and background. I just finished the part where Jondalar does the obvious "man thing" and doesn't fully understand or did not think it through....really? Wasn't he supposed to be smart and intuitive? I feel like I was cheated on and I can't believe she stooped to this in the plot. I feel like she just "phoned this one in" and was not into writing it. She should have stopped with the last one. I am too disgusted to finish this one.
Robin posts on 10/4/2011 2:13:25 PM Mary J - you said it well when you said this book was written for archeologist wannabes. In reading this book, I had the STRONG impression that Mrs. Auel wanted to write a book describing the cave art that fascinated HER. Couldn't think of a way to make money on a coffee table cave art book so came up with a FABULOUS idea, Ayla et al. If you take out the repetition from all 6 books it could have been done better in 3 volumes. This last book was an absolute complete disappointment. I can google the cave art pics and see the real thing without reading 200 pages of descriptions. The soap opera stuff which was unbelievable in The Mammoth Hunters was even more so now. Was expecting some kind of either resolution or conflict with the "flatheads" and except for more repetitious mentioning these lead characters in her theme were completely dropped. She got her coffee table book on cave drawings, but that is about all this last book is.
Mary J posts on 10/2/2011 12:51:09 AM I am replying to the last 4 posts. @Geni, the last book made you remember lifelong studies. I'm glad you enjoyed it, but, for me, it was interesting as a text book on a dull subject. @Robin, every book since CotCB boring? Initially I felt as you do, but on re-reading I didn't find the detail tedious, though I had expected to. It all seemed more necessary to the story. @Petr, horror? The clan leader, Bran, and its shaman, Creb, gave Ayla every break they could. Broud was vain and jealous of the girl of the Others. He tormented her the only way he could, but he broke no Clan laws. CotCB was more about endurance of will. The Clan gave Ayla much more than shelter. The 2nd book was an adventure that showcased how isolation could lead to innovation. Ayla would never have saved the horse or the lion if she had had people. Last but not least, @kracine hit the nail on the head with her thoughts on the sex scenes, and how young men (and women) might prosper from such knowledge. I, too, thought Mammoth Hunters somewhat soapy, but Ayla was learning to respond to a completely different culture. It was the first time she had been around people like her besides Jondalar. The 4th book was long, but not dull. There were too many interactions with people during the journey, and most dealt with the dark side of human nature. And, I enjoyed Ayla's introduction to Jondalar's people in the 5th book, the further glimpses into the psyches of the disgruntled and the sociopath. I expected much more personal interaction from the 6th book, but Mrs. Auel seemed to think we were all archeologist wannabes. The best parts of her books, of any books, were always the conflicts, and how Ayla handled them. So yes, kracine, just disappointment is what I feel, too.

kracine posts on 10/1/2011 4:52:09 PM @Petr, I have my own ideas of each book, slightly different that yours. The first I don't find as a Horror, it is a window into a world that none of us knew about, and we learned about it right along with Ayla. The second was an adventure, but more it was Ayla discovering herself. No not soft porno, but a primer that every 17 year old boy should read to learn how to satisfy a women in bed. The third...was the world discovering Ayla. My least favorite part of that was the soap opera aspect. The fourth, a journey....if you skip all of the long winded descriptions, and glaze over the repetiveness, there are some good sub story lines there. The fifth, I liked better that most folks. Still skipping the descriptions, and glazing over repetiveness, I loved learning about Jondalars family and home. The wedding and her ultimate acceptance into that clan. The 6th...I am sorry to say nothing comes to mind for me there. Just disappointment.
Petr posts on 9/28/2011 3:48:47 PM Every book in the series is different and might appeal to different readers. The 1st is the best - a horror. The second book is split to an adventure (the second best for me) and soft porno (not very good). The 3rd is a romantic soap opera for ladies. The 4th is flora and fauna 30 000 years ago - boring (with ridiculous parts like sledging down a mountain). The 5th is a very good psychological novel. The last - don't know yet.
Robin posts on 9/27/2011 4:56:32 PM The Clan of the Cave Bear was Outstanding / Excellent ... made you want MORE. Each successive book has been more repetitious and boring. I am so glad I read this last one as a library book, not wasting my own money on it. B O R I N G.
Geni Graham posts on 9/26/2011 12:45:08 PM I have read her last book in a week and it has been a wonderful read! It also can be backed in SO MANY references that I was not only entertained, but, inspired to remember lifelong studies. I believe she wrote the book herself. Please tell me how anyone can 'pigeonhole' an author... Seriously, get over it!
Bryan posts on 9/26/2011 1:26:19 AM I can see that some people havent read the series from book 1 to book done. i STRONGLY disagree with the speculation that the last book wasnt written by Jean Auel. infact ive read the entire series several times and having just finished the last one i can see that it is obviously and entirely written by Ms Auel, with her advisors ofcourse,but she has had advisors for all 6 of the books in the series. i love all of the books and the last one is no acception, other than the fact that it is the last book in the years of fantastic writing and historically accurate fiction. too bad it has to come to an end.
Michelle posts on 9/23/2011 5:01:55 PM I don't actually believe Jean Auel wrote this last book. So much of it is written in a completely different style compared to all of the previous books that I think it's impossible that she had a hand in it. Someone else wrote most of. It's the only explanation.
Lady Goga posts on 9/22/2011 9:22:59 AM Like all of us posting here, I'm also a huge fan of Earth's Children series. I bought the last book in spite of all the bad reviews written on this page. It took me 4 months to read the book, which never happend with previous books. At the end I was not so disappointed - maybe it is not the end I wished for Ayla's story to finish, and certainly is not the closure of all previous events, but it's not so bad after all. Yes, I was annoyed with the constant repetition of the mother's song, and with descriptions of all the caves, and I missed more social interaction between characters, but I was so happy when some of the Mamutoi and S'Armunai came into the story, it was a very nostalgic moment of the book. And it does get better towards the end, so be brave and read it through!!
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