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Jim Long posts on 2/15/2012 12:29:29 AM Mrs. Auel, I saw the movie Clan of the Cave Bear when I was a teenager and that movie has stayed with me to this day. I have read The Earths Children series twice now. The story is of lerning to love yourself and others, along with learning to find the strengh to take one more step when you just don't think you can. Now, I see that you have another addition to the series and I have started reading the series again, from the beginning. I never get tired reading about the world that Ayla lived in. You explain so vividly what she saw. And reading your words I can imagine myself see that world through her eyes. I know that there are a lot of great authors in the world and each one can pull the reader into the world that they have created. I just want to thank you for letting me have the pleasure of getting to see Ayla's world for a third time now. Your way of writintg touches my heart along with my mind. If get upset because I feel that I should be there to help and protect Alya. Thnak you again, Jim Long
Jennie Wilson posts on 2/13/2012 8:43:56 PM Dear Ms Auel, firstly, thank you so much for giving us the Earths Children series, they are absolutely amazing and I think I will continue reading them until I cannot see any more. Please tell us if you are going to give us one more book to completely finish the series. The Land of the Painted Cave left me and countless others wanting more to let us know what happened to Broud, Durc, Jonayla and the rest. You have an incredible talent, and I hope that you still have the passion to give us all your fantastic insight into what it probably would have been like at the beginning of man as we know it. Once again, thank you, you are an inspiration.
Karen posts on 2/13/2012 6:21:21 PM They say 'Where there's smoke there's fire.' I know the following 2 quotes from Ms Auel are from 2 different articles, but I do so want there to be a 7th book, I'll grab on to any little hint of one more to come, however slim the chances. The Earth's Children series is finished, but Auel has been hedging about whether "The Land of Painted Caves" is the last book. There's more in the outline that has guided her all these years, and she can't stand the thought of living without Ayla. She has ideas -- a children's book set in France, something about the beginnings of agriculture -- and is helping her children prepare to run what she calls the family business. Her daughter Lenore is her secretary, and e-book deals and movie rights could keep everyone busy for another generation or two. "They're going to have to take over at some point," she says. "The Land of Painted Caves," the sixth and supposedly final book of her multimillion-selling series, comes out in March. But Auel says she has not stopped thinking about her heroine Ayla and her adventures in prehistoric times. "To be honest, I don't feel like I'm through," the author, 74, said during a recent interview. "I still have some material and I'm going to keep on writing. It's what I do."

Petr Vavruch posts on 2/13/2012 3:56:55 PM I can't find it. Brouds_Destiny has 107,000 results in Google. Help!
Ken Hales posts on 2/13/2012 3:37:17 PM Google Brouds_Destiny -- This is a post by Stephanie25 that has ten chapters plus an Epilog. There are many problems with the timeline on this story, but it does tie up loose ends and seems to be a good story.
kracine posts on 1/24/2012 11:12:54 PM Book Seven is an Urban Legend. I don't believe it will ever happen.
b3llad0na posts on 1/24/2012 2:52:32 PM ....she's writing a SEVENTH book...?!?!?!?? Are you serious? How long will it take her to finally hack THIS one out? I, for one, do not plan to run out and spend good money for a first edition of it - after the tremendous disappointment that Painted Caves proved to be, Ive lost any enthusiasm for the series.
Suzy posts on 1/22/2012 10:16:08 AM I'm very sorry I let criticism of book 6 keep from reading it for so long. I got it for Christmas and read the first 5 over (for about the 10th time) and then went straight into LOPC. I found myself pleasantly surprised - I really enjoyed it. For me I felt it really finished the series quite well. Were there a lot of dangling threads? Yes, there were, but for me, that's what fan fiction is for and there's a lot of it out there. I especially Anita Moran's 6 books, which cover Durc, the mammoth hunters and even a new group who are fascinating. She writes under penname avmoran on the ecfans website. There's a ton of other authors there too, another favourite being redback. Check it out if you want more. But I'm really having a hard time understanding why there is so much criticism about book 6. I thought it was great and I'm hoping the rumors about a book 7 are true. Thank you Jean Auel for such a monumental series. I understand the big gap between books also, as I've learned there were some big finds of new painted caves in between books 4 and 5 and in between books 5 and 6, and she has skillfully included most of this in those books. I'd also recommend donsmaps for tons of fascinating background about the Earth's Children series. Now I'm going to read book 6 again, slower, as the first time through I couldn't put it down once I'd started and finished it in 4 days. There are some inconsistencies, and these I really don't understand, as anyone who's faithful to the series spots them right away, and how could all the people working on these books miss them? There should be a way of addressing these issues for subsequent reprints of the books. Again, thanks JA for a fascinating glimpse into our ancestors.
Ed posts on 1/21/2012 4:02:50 PM Norma, I have to agree with you at least in part. Jean's style is to have detailed descriptions of the flora, fauna, landscapes, customs and religions. We should have expected that. Also, in the Shelters of Stone she set the stage my describing the trials that one must go through to become Zelidonia. Although I would have liked to have seen closer on many other things that she set the stage for in the previous books.
Norma posts on 1/19/2012 8:32:09 AM Just read the other reviews and I must heartily disagree! I just finished the "Painted Caves" book and LOVED it! So much better than the last two which were not much more than sex novels. This one provided enormous insight into the lives of our ancestors as they probably were lived. Wonderful book!!! Almost as good as Valley of the Horses, my favorite of the series.
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