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Cara posts on 7/5/2007 5:04:10 PM Jeannette - Have you ever been to Jordan? How long has your husband lived outside of it? Did you discuss these things before you got married? Does he refuse to talk about the honor killings because he is ashamed/embarassed, or because he doesn't want to put negative ideas in your head? Having absolutely NO knowledge of your situation, I would NOT go to Jordan. I would not want to visit any country that denied me essential liberties. It's just not worth the risk.
Anna posts on 5/23/2007 6:40:09 PM Rana, I got absolutely nothing from you! I wonder if you have the wrong address. Trainart and that is earthlink followed by net. Try again! Glad we can communicate again. Anna
rana posts on 5/23/2007 4:38:55 PM Hi, it's been a long time since i wrote on this board. i just want to tell anna that i have been sending her lots of mail and no reply. anna, where are you?

Ute posts on 5/23/2007 4:33:23 PM Hi Jeanette, I can't give you an advice - going or not going to Jordan, but I think that it is a pretty open country according to foreigners or the so called infidels. One princess is married to the ruler of Dubai and the Royal family is very modern. The former queen Noor and her husband were very active to keep peace among the Arab counries. She was an American and her name is Lisa Halaby. Read her book: The Leap of Faith. You should inform about the traditions of the Muslims before going to Jordan. (Don't give somebody your left hand if you say hello) I personally have some Muslim friends in Turkey and they are really nice. Try to have no prejudices against this country. Ute
jeanette posts on 5/9/2007 4:31:51 PM in my last message, i stated that i waas afraid to go to Jordan. Im not really afraid of my husband, but of the cultures over there. I just want to be prepared in case something does happen. I really trust him because we have been together 12 years, but then again you really never 100% know someone. I think im gonna take my chances and go anyway. He really loves both of us very much and is good to me, but he gets upset sometimes when i mention the customs in Jordan. He says that just because one family does something, doesnt mean that you can base this on everyone. I know his family is very religous (Muslum), we are not very religious. Only in the month of Ramadan does my husband fast and try to be a good muslum. this is kinda being a hypocrite, but its the way he is.
Sameera posts on 5/6/2007 10:53:19 AM People that can't do things themselves tend to criticize others when they do them well. Jean is very talented and no matter what any crazy person says, she always will be. I also got a good laugh when Parissa called her Jane, but only after criticizing Jean's english skills. Real nice lady!!
Anna posts on 5/5/2007 11:49:04 AM Delphine, how right you are! That person, I believe, is the nut who has been after Jean Sasson and other authors, out of jealousy, for a long time, and has tried to undermine her books telling everyone, everywhere that she is lying. She has been found to be mentally unstable, so we shouldn't pay any attention to her. She uses different names. She is such a terrible writer herself, that nobody whants to publish anything of hers.
Delphine posts on 5/5/2007 11:35:45 AM Dear Parissa: I just read your e-mail and out of interest from your note, read the posts from the author Jean Sasson -- you call her Jane -- I believe her name is Jean. And Jean says she is not going to reply to this post anymore because of some difficulties, so you should address the question to her directly. Although English is my second language, I cannot find anything weak with her English in these posts. And I would hope that posts written in a casual manner would be very different from someone writing in their professional hand. It would be ridiculous to reply to a post in a fancy manner. Does anyone else agree with me on this? Something is wrong with this Parissa. She is rather silly. And who would write a book for anyone else? I have a friend who writes articles for magazines, and from what I have been told, it is extremely difficult to be a writer. He writes me letters that are quite different from his professional writing voice. I would slap him if he got uppity in his casual writing. And, if anyone writes a book, I am sure they would take credit for it themselves and not write "for someone else." Is there a writer dumb enough to write books and "give the books," to another person to claim authorship? I, for one, am going to dismiss this Parissa as an odd ball. Such silliness on her part makes he support the author, not her. From now on, I will read this author's books and be a strong support of her. It must be terrible to have such people following in your wake.
Parissa posts on 5/4/2007 12:32:26 PM Dear Jane, your English is so poor,who wrote the books for you? Something is wrong here.
Jean Sasson posts on 5/3/2007 6:05:47 PM Dear Anna and Jeanette and Rukiya... This posting board will not accept any of my comments. I do not know why. I am asking a friend to put this up for me. After this, please do write your questions to me at wbbooks and that is at hotmail. But for now, I'll answer your questions. If Jeanette has concerns about her husband, perhaps he has said something to her that has gotten her nervous. All of us have a little voice inside that warns us. So, if I had any concerns about the welfare of my child, I would not go. Only Jeanette knows if her husband is a good man and if she can trust him. But, if this is coming only because Jeanette read my books then I would not react against her husband because of another woman's experience. And, Jeanette, you might want to know that Honor Lost was a hoax. The book was found to be not true. The book got pulled by the publisher when they discovered the woman did not exist. However, honor killings DO occur and there is proof of that in many countries. And, Anna, you are right that the princess was most bothered by the fact her daughter was a fanatic, not by the fact she was embracing the Muslim faith. There is a huge difference. Few of us like fanatics, whether fanatical Christians, Muslims, or any faith. Balance in life is what most people strive for. Lastly, Anna, it did not bother me at all that you perferred MAYADA to LOVE. Everyone has a favorite for various reasons. Most people perfer PRINCESS to all my books, in fact, while others most loved ESTER'S CHILD. So, no, I have no feelings one way or another when a person names a favorite book that I wrote. Each book has its points because in each book I wrote a different story about a different woman and her personal experiences. Some people say that MAYADA was too dark, but I don't think so. It simply tells the truth of what happened to so many innocent people under the regime of Saddam. As mentioned above, I will not be able to answer this forum anymore because of the problems associated with getting my posts accepted. I do not want to bother my friends with it, so if you have a question, please do send to my web site and I will respond, although it takes me a few days, particularly if I am traveling. Thank you so much. Jean
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